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Our intrepid team chronicles the plight of our brave choir boys as they travel hither and yon experiencing life on the road – and having a blast!

Good evening all you LOLCB fans and supporters!

This morning the Choirboys departed Mackinaw City and crossed over the 4 mile bridge to the U.P. We enjoyed a leisurely drive around Lake Huron with a stop off at Big Boys restaurant for some lunch. The staff there was elated to see us and the services was wonderful. We boarded the bus again, but first stopped as some neat wooden vehicles out in front of the restaurant. We thought about trading our bus in for the wooden one, but decided it would take us too long to return home.

Back on the road, we crossed into the central time zone, which is always a sign we’re getting closer to hour home destination.

After arriving in Wausau, WI, we checked into our hotel, placed the order for pizza, wings and breadsticks and the bus crew headed out to clean the bus one last time before our Saturday arrival in Rogers. Meanwhile, the other Choirboys organized their suitcases and re-hung their concert uniforms for inspection. This was their ticket to swim, if they so chose.

The pizza arrived and we enjoyed each other’s company on the back patio of the hotel. It’s so great to be able to have this one last gathering as a team of singers. The boys then headed back to their rooms to change into swimming suits and made their way to the pool. A few boys decided to stay in their rooms to watch some NBA playoff basketball.

We just finished distributing the mail for today and the boys are now all tucked in for the night. Tomorrow will be the earliest departure of the entire tour.

Thank you for following along during these past two weeks. It has been wonderful to see the boys grow as a group and as individuals. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity given the unusual nature of this past year.

Off to bed now.

Good night!



Good evening all your LOLCB fans and supporters!

Today we journeyed from Midland, MI to Mackinaw City, MI. The boys skipped the “grab-n-go” breakfast and we headed to a Bob Evans where we enjoyed a wonderfully, delicious breakfast of pancakes, French toast, omelets, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and more. After filling our bellies is was on the bus and off to Mackinaw City. We had hoped to stop for a bus wash today, but we ran into a rain storm and decided we’d skip the wash for now. We arrived in Mackinaw City a little earlier than check in at the hotel, so we headed to the shoreline of Lake Huron for a stroll and, of course, stopped to buy souvenirs and FUDGE!!!

We finally checked into the hotel where the Choirboys had some rest time and, those who went swimming in the lake, showered. We headed over to the church, St. Anthony Padua, where we were greeted by Sr. Chris. The boys got their tour jobs done and we rehearsed a bit. The wifi wasn’t the greatest, but Camden tried to get a live feed going. Sorry about that! The boys were well received by the audience who was very impressed by their singing, ability to harmonize well and memorize their music. At the end of several songs, the boys could hear audible gasps of awe! One audience member said the setting of Amazing Grace was one of the best she has ever heard.

Following the concert, the Choirboys changed into jeans and polo shirts and we headed over to Audie’s, a nearby restaurant. Each table of four was given a budget to use to purchase their meals. You can see Eddie using a calculator to be sure his group was not going over their limit.

The wait staff was very impressed by the boys’ manners and, while we were waiting for our meal, since no one else was in the restaurant, we sang a few songs for the staff. After having the chance to taste fried smelt, fried mushrooms and crab cakes, it was salads for almost all and then ribs, steak, sandwiches, fish, spaghetti, lasagna, perch and more. The boys had budgeted for dessert but the pantry staff had already gone home so we passed on this. They were somewhat disappointed, but the moved on quickly.

We took a walk to the shoreline again to spend some time reflecting on tour, our experience together and our friendships. We especially took time to think about our time with Alex as this is his last year of eligibility in the choir. Then, as I do each Saturday morning, I gave them two minutes of silence for themselves. It is always and amazing two minutes of no talking – just simply thinking. We stood by the shore, listening to the waves crash against the rocks with the Mackinac Bridge in the background. We stood there for nearly five minutes before walking the short path back to the hotel.

The Choirboys are all tucked into bed now. Tomorrow we head to Wisconsin for our final full day together. We will spend time readying the bus for our arrival home, having some pizza together and a little swimming. The boys are excited to get back home to see their families, their pets and their friends. They have each grown just a little during tour, as with every tour. They’ve learned a little bit more about themselves and what friendships are.

Check back in with us tomorrow to see how our day went.

Good night!

Good evening all you wonderful fans and supporters of the Choirboys!

Today was a simple day. We departed the hotel in Port Clinton, OH and journeyed west and north to the great state of Michigan. It was a cool and windy day on the road. We were reminded that we teach the Choirboys so much more than music. We give them life skills like washing bus windows…

We struck out on two different restaurants for lunch. Neither could accommodate a group of 20. We finally landed at a Fuddruckers, which Camden was not thrilled about since he has bad memories of a stop we once made where he got sick. Ask him about it some time.

We continued down the road and arrived at our final Best Western in Midland, MI. The Choirboys rested a bit before changing into their concert uniforms and heading to the church. We were hosted for an in-person concert at Assumption Parish where a good friend of mine is the pastoral associate. The audience was very appreciative of the opportunity to not only hear a boys’ choir, but to just be at a live concert.

We headed back to the hotel and Camden and Charlie went out to retrieve some dinner from KFC. The Choirboys ate in their room as the dining area is closed to groups. The boys are all tucked in and sleeping. Just two more times Camden needs to tuck them in and sing them to sleep before we are home!

Tomorrow – a late morning departure for breakfast at Bob Evans. Then to a bus wash in Gaylord, MI before arriving in Mackinaw City. One more live stream concert before we have our final concert of the season on Saturday.

Thanks for journeying with us these past 11 days. We’ll check back in tomorrow.

Good night!


Good evening all your wonderful fans and supports of the Choirboys!

Today, as you already guessed, was day 10. Just a few more days and we will back in front of our families and friends sharing our gift of song. The pandemic has sure made things interesting and being on tour during a pandemic is not any different. We have encountered several different COVID-19 protocols from State to State and even city to city. The Choirboys have done a wonderful job adapting to the current situation and making the best of it.

This morning we were awakened and headed down for breakfast where we learned that everything had to be requested to one worker who would then get the food items and hand them to the patron. Although it took longer than we had hoped, we still managed to be on the road on time and headed East toward the big city of Cleveland. Once we arrived at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we put on our wrist bands and headed in for view of what was waiting. We so many items and clothing from all of our favorite artists from Elvis to Lady Gaga. It was quite a site to see. They even had a video about the NFL Halftime Show and how it is produced. It was very interesting.

We had the boys partner up and explore the exhibits on their own giving them a rendezvous point and a time to meet back. We are happy to report not a single boy was late. We headed up to the third floor to take in a movie all about the inductees.

After raiding the gift store we walked a few blocks to the bus and then headed back to Port Clinton. Our plan for today had included our “fancy” dinner. However, our first, second and third choices were not able to accommodate us. The Officers sprung into action and decided we would do Golden Corral for lunch and have McDonald’s for dinner (our first McDonald’s all of tour). The Choirboys devoured the food from the buffet. Stuffed and tired, we made our way back to the hotel. The Choirboys and staff rested in their rooms for a bit before dividing up according to who wanted to swim and who wanted to play ultimate.

We are currently having issues uploading photos so we’ll have to post some at a later time.

The Choirboys are all tucked in bed and sleeping. We’ll have a relaxed morning before heading to Michigan.

Good night, all!






Good evening all you Choirboy fans and supporters!

Today, we continued our journey to the west and found our way to Cedar Point, near Sandusky, OH. This amusement park is known as the roller coaster capital of the world and did not disappoint. Our fearless officers took the reins again today to navigate their way to Sandusky. Upon our arrival, we broke out the bread, deli meats and cheeses and made us up some lunch on the bus. Once the boys were done, we headed into the park for a jolly good time.

In fact, we had so much fun that we didn’t take many photos. We spent about 5.5 hours at Cedar Point before heading to our hotel. After getting settled a bit, we ordered pizza and the Choirboys relaxed in their rooms. After they were showered and ready for bed, they all gathered in one hotel room for mail (there was a ton of mail and smiling boys today) and a few bedtime stories. The boys are all tucked in and sleeping. Tomorrow we head to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It will be a late start to the morning, only hitting road at 9:00 AM.

We will try to take more pictures for you all tomorrow. For now, enjoy these few shots…

That’s all we have for you this evening.

We are looking more and more forward to our Homecoming Concert in just a few days!

Good night!

Good evening all you Choirboy fans and supporters!

Day 8 is the day we turned back to the west to begin our week-long journey home.

This morning the boys were up, dressed and fed by 9:00 AM. We headed over to St. Thomas of Villanova Parish, which is on the campus of Villanova. We were greeted by the associate director of music there and settled in to absorb the beautiful architecture of this space. Absolutely stunning!

The leader of the church service was the president of the college. He was very excited to have us at the church service. We offered preludes, a few selections during the service and a postlude. The cantor or soloist for the service used to be a choirboy with associated with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. He was thrilled to hear the boys singing and brought back many memories for him. You just never know who you will touch with the music of the boys. After the preludes, the congregation erupted with applause. The Choirboys were very proud of the way they sang those preludes.

Following the church service, we changed into our play clothes and handed the reins of the tour over to our three officers: John, Archie and James. They are now running the tour schedule, making decisions about meals and rest stops, when rest period will be and giving Charlie directions as to where he will need to go. They seem to be enjoying it, but are also learning there is a lot more to running a tour than what it looks like. They’ve also learned how important it is to let the bus driver know when and where he needs to turn because switching lanes quickly with a 42′ vehicle is not easy.

On a light-sided note, last night for dinner, each boy was given a budget for spending on their meal. Two of our boys over spent on their meals. We told them they would need to repay the choir for their overspending. They agreed the would make it up in sit-ups. LOL. So, Eddie T. is repaying with 100 sit-ups and Henry is repaying with 400 sit-ups. Currently, Eddie has his down to 100 sit-ups (he did 20 but forgot his hat in his hotel room so 20 were tacked back on) and Henry is down to 370. Don’t worry folks, this is all a way we are having fun with the Choirboys. 😉

Tomorrow, John, Archie and James have decided to depart at 8:00 AM because, you know CEDAR POINT is tomorrow. It will be about a 3 hour drive and they want to be there when it opens (of course).

That’s all for tonight. I’m feeling rather accomplished that I have a blog post done before 1:00 AM.

Check back tomorrow for many fun pictures from Cedar Point!

Good night!