Good day, everyone.  Welcome back to the tour blog of the Land of Lakes Choirboys.  After a robust and successful season, the 28 boys of the LOLCB Concert Choir are now packed and ready for their 2017 tour.  With their faithful driver Charlie Meuser back at the wheel, the boys will spend 18 days traveling and singing through the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario and the states of Minnesota, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.   They will perform 12 concerts and see the sights of the Canadian Mint, Fort Garry, Niagara Falls, Boston, and Harvard University; and get to play at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

On Monday morning they, Charlie, and five staff members depart for their tour, led by the Concert Choir Officers: Sam Anderson, Tristan Christiaansen, Jake Bakke, Tristan Suojanen, Luke Inman, Chris Hess, Braeden Blake, Louis Siegel, Donovan Schumacher, and Alex Hansen.  Follow the blog for daily posts.  I’ll be chronicling their experience with tons of pictures, stories, and videos.  Like us on Facebook to see Live videos throughout the tour as well.  Check out our website and be sure to mark your calendar for their homecoming concert on June 29th in Maple Grove.



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