We spent the day in Boston today.  The boys and staff met at Our Lady of Mercy to clean the bus first.  While the bus crew picked up and swept our home away from home, the others sat outside on the grass, enjoying each other’s company.  There were some morning grumpies, but they quickly went away as quick as the morning dew leaves the grass on a sunny day.

When bus crew was finished, the boys loaded up for their trip into Boston.  On the way Stewart and Aaron briefed them about visiting a big city: stay with your partners ALWAYS, be ready to get off the bus quickly, ALWAYS thank Charlie. Stewart also handed out a plethora of mail for the gentlemen.  His hands were filled with an overabundance of letters, emails, and packages for the boys; some of which who needed a dose of lovin’ this morning.  As I said there were some morning grumpies going on, and the letters and packages were just what they needed today.  Stewart and Camden continued the 2nd round of voting for Choirboy of the Year after mail call.  The eleven nominees were Archie, Braeden, Cole, Connor, Donovan, Jake, Louis, Luke, Sam A, Tristan C, Tristan S, and Tristan W. The second round of voting was evidentially narrowed down to the three.  The final three nominees and the Choirboy of the Year will be announced during the June 29th Homecoming concert in Maple Grove.  Sorry, no spoilers!

We entered Boston, and when Charlie was finished expertly moving through the complicated streets of downtown, the boys disembarked in Boston Common. There we met our tour guide for the first tour of the day: The Freedom Trail.  Lucy was an energetic, dramatic tour guide playing well her 18th century role, complete with a parasol and silly hat with feathers. She taught the boys a lot about Boston’s history: the golden domed State Building, the unsuspecting location of the Great Elm, and the roles of Paul Revere and Sam Adams in the American Revolutionary war. She also taught the boys the opinionated expressions of “Fie” and “Huzzah”.  If she or someone said anything you disagreed with, you were encouraged to say “Fie” in disapproval.  On the flip side if someone said anything in the positive, you were to say in a rousing tone “Huzzah”.  There were several boys that received a “huzzah” during the tour, but there was one boy, not wanting to share, who insisted later “I’m the one who gets the huzzahs here”.  Lucy led the boys through Boston Common to see the grave sites for Paul Revere and Sam Adams, and then ended our tour at the site of the infamous Boston Massacre.  There, through a reenactment with the boys, she explained how the massacre started with just one misheard phrase “Don’t fire”.  Lucy loved teaching kids, and loved choirs.  As an expression of gratitude for her fun and engaging tour, the boys sang for her.  She was delighted. You can see the video of their performance on the Land of Lakes Choirboys’ Youtube channel.

Tour #2 was at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.  Hosts, guides, and characters dressed in 18th century costumes led us through extremely interactive exhibits. From the rousing town hall meeting to throwing tea overboard to watching holograms and living paintings, the boys thoroughly enjoyed Boston’s top-tier museum. They loved how it felt like they were immersed in 18th century Boston with no connection to the modern world, except, of course, for the two holographic women and the Harry Potter-style paintings coming to life before their eyes.

They shopped in the museum’s gift shop, and then loaded the bus to head back to Merrimack for hot dogs and chips.  On the trip one of the boys shared this joke from the microphone: Q: “How many Altos does it take to screw in a light bulb?  A: “No one knows. They can’t get high enough.”

Dinner was waiting for them outside the church as they arrived.  The community of Our Lady of Mercy was hosting a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association of New Hampshire.  For the past three years they’ve raised money to help eliminate Alzheimer’s and the other diseases associated with Dementia. We were happy to donate our resources for the cause, but the boys still had to sing for their food.

The evening ended playfully as the boys had a chance to entertain themselves in a nearby playground. The morning grumpies were far from their hearts, and they went home with their host families happy from the day’s events. They’ll be resting for tomorrow’s trip to Kennebunk, ME where they’ll sing at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

Further down the road the boys will be singing at St. Mary’s Catholic church in Auburn, NY on Saturday, June 24th. There I’ll be broadcasting another portion of their performance on Facebook live.  It’ll be the latter part of their concert so stayed tuned for more details the further we get into the week.

Until then, good night.


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