Good day, everyone.  Today was the last of the longest drives for tour. We traveled from Niagara Falls, ON to Merrimack, NH.

The first thing we did this early morning was cross the border into the United States, our homeland.  No pranks from Aaron this time, we were on a schedule.  So much of a schedule, the boys had breakfast on the bus: cereal.  Thanks to our genius prefects there was no milk spilt.

Surprisingly the boys were chatty for how early the morning was.  I thought for sure they would be so tired they’d go right to sleep once Charlie put the bus into drive.  No, not these boys.  They were yakking it up right away.  We overheard some boys jesting over the earth being flat or round.  There was only one boy, shall we call him Galileo, who held the stance “The earth is round”.  The other boys continued the comical vignette, “No, the earth is flat. Everyone knows that”. “Right, the earth is flat.”  Galileo stood his ground, “I will not be hanged for my crime.”  Some of us got to chat about yesterday’s adventures.  The boys LOVED the Jet Boat tour. Someone said, “I would say yesterday was my favorite day of tour.”

About mid-morning we stopped for a restroom break.  Camden and Charlie fueled the bus with Aaron, while Stewart, Joseph, and I oversaw the boys.  This extra time allowed the boys to play a few rounds of the classic game Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.  It was a beautiful day to play outside.  It seemed that when we crossed into the US, we crossed into a new climate.  For most of tour we had rainy weather with overcast skies, but today we enjoyed open skies with the warm sun beaming inside the bus. It was nice to give the boys a chance to enjoy the sunshine while they let off some steam from their long journey.  A good game of DDGD was what they needed.

This afternoon I interviewed Archie Smith, part of the “First Year Seven”.  Archie is the youngest boy in the choir, only 9 yrs old.  Boy, has he been doing great though!  Never is there a day when Archie isn’t smiling.  He lights up the whole bus with his cheery countenance. He thinks tour is going good. The Jet Boat was his favorite as well.  He had been on a jet boat before, and this last one was a bit different.  He still loved it. He also said tour is what he thought it would be, except for the drives.  He thought the drives would be longer.  He’s learned to entertain himself by playing Mine Craft on his iPad.  I asked him a few more questions…

What do you want to be when you grow up?  “In a band, I want to play bass.”

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?  “To fly, you could go way high and you could see the world.”

If you had three wishes, what would they be?  “To have $1,000 and give it to the poor, to stop hunger, to own my own bus.”

If you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would it be and why?  “Paul McCartney, cuz he’s a good singer.”

If you could time-travel, where and when would you go?  “1930’s, WWII, to watch how the war began and ended.”

Thank you so much, Archie, for letting us get to know you.

Before our arrival into Merrimack, Stewart started the nomination process for Choirboy of the Year.  This award is to be given at the end of tour to a well-deserving boy chosen by this peers.  He is to be chosen based on his leadership, respectfulness, and integrity, and the staff has no say in who gets the award.  It’s up to the boys.  During the drive, each boy came to the front of the bus to give Stewart and Camden their vote.  Several boys got nominated.  Some of them we expected, and some of them were a complete surprise.  All, we thought, would be deserving of the coveted award.  The second round of voting will take place again tomorrow.  What was cool about the results of this first round was the confidence all the nominees exhibited after they were announced.  Even getting the nomination gave the gentlemen a significant boost of confidence and pride in themselves.

We arrived in Merrimack in good time.  Thomas’ grandmother Marie was there to greet us.  The boys had a great dinner of salad and spaghetti.  They sang their concert for an eager and delighted crowd, and received an immediate standing ovation.  Ice cream and cookies were served after they met their host families, and now they’re resting well for tomorrow’s adventure to Boston.

Good night.




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