Thank you all for your patience. I know you are anxiously awaiting the blog to see what type of things the Choirboys have been up to. It’s been a busy couple of days, so let’s journey back to Saturday morning…

The boys met back at St. Thomas Aquinas around 9:00 a.m. They were very appreciative of the later morning arrival time and the fact they did not need to bring all of their bags with them. After all had arrived, we boarded the bus and headed to the Carpenter’s home, just a few minutes from the church. Upon arriving, the boys headed to the backyard where Evan led them in a quick practice of the Ave Verum chant they needed to sing for Sunday’s church service. He did a good job with them going over notes and words. Charlie and Mr. Carpenter tended to the bus. As you may recall, the AC does not like the heat and humidity of Texas. Charlie had an idea that perhaps the condenser unit was clogged. He pulled the bus up to the driveway and used a power sprayer to clean it out. He said there was quite a bit of dust and dirt that came flowing out. We crossed our fingers that this might solve our AC problem.

The boys, waiting to get into the water of the pool began to realize something as we talked through the day. You see, we had them come dressed in their swimming suits and pack their shorts and polo shirts for later. One Choirboy came to me and said, “Aaron, I think I forgot my…” I knew exactly where he was going. And, yes, about 10 of them forgot to pack their underwear. Those boys, before jumping into the pool, had to phone their host families to ask if they would bring a pair to the Carpenter’s home. Of course, the wonderful host homes we had, delivered them all and into the pool all the boys jumped. They had a great time splashing and sunning in the overcast skies.

When the boys started getting hungry, Mr. Carpenter started up the grilled and made us up some burgers and hot dogs. Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter put out the spread for the boys, but before they go there food, we sang happy birthday to Caleb M. and Anthony.


After filling our bellies full of goodness we were ready to head to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library. Once we arrived the boys were allowed to walk the library with their partners.

They completed their discovery mission and did some shopping in the gift store. While we were waiting in the atrium one of the volunteer greeters approached me and said, “This is one of the best behaved, finest group of kids I’ve ever seen come through this library. Thank you for whatever it is you are doing with them.” He mentioned a few of the other volunteers throughout the museum had said the same thing. Way to go, gentlemen! The boys gathered their things after shopping and couldn’t help but notice the wonderful acoustic space of the atrium. They asked if they could sing. I inquired at the information desk and they said, “Absolutely!” The boys got into their formation and sang the Ave Maria. You could’ve heard a pin drop in the room. People came from inside the library, from the gifts store, everywhere and stood to take in the wonderful sound of the Choirboys. When they completed their last chord, the place erupted in applause. These are some of the best moments of tour.

Back to the church we drove. When we arrived, we headed to the church to practice a bit. Our host families then treated us to an amazing potluck.

We wrapped up dinner, headed to change and offer a great performance to a wonderful audience. Those photos are on my other camera, however. I’ll try to get some posted to Facebook soon.

The boys retired to their host homes, but only after I heard compliment after compliment from their audience. The stop in College Station was a bit unusual in that the boys were able to meet and stay with their host homes before their performance. This creates a bit of a bond with their “family”. I even heard from one family that they just had such a sense of pride in the boys they hosted when they saw them singing. They felt so honored to have been their “tour” family for two nights.

This morning, Sunday, the boys had an early morning church service and, again, followed it with an amazing meal put on by the church’s Knights of Columbus. Before they ate, the boys sang a song for the men since many of them were unable to attend the concert the evening before.

We loaded the bus and had a quick garment bag check and then we were on the road again. Destination – Corpus Christi, TX. Heading further south we stopped in La Grange, TX to eat lunch. After lunch we popped in a movie, Rogue One, and the boys relaxed for a few hours.

We arrived in Corpus Christi, checked into our hotel and headed to dinner at the Golden Corral. On our way back, Charlie dropped us off at a beach area near our hotel. We walked the rest of the way making a few stops to listen to the waves and enjoy the breeze coming in off the water. It was a great walk and a beautiful evening.

The Choirboys have now fallen asleep and will continue their adventures tomorrow with a trip to the USS Lexington and then swimming at the beach. Check back in tomorrow to hear about our day. In the meantime, enjoy this new episode of the Jake and Braeden almost daily, daily vlog – a Seagull Production.



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