Good evening all you who music and boys love! Today was a great day of sight-seeing, eating, driving, sleeping and performing. We hope many of you were able to join us for the live stream of a portion of tonight’s concert. The boys did a fine job and receive many, many compliments. More on that in a moment.

The morning started with a cool swim in the pool at Palm Canyon Resort. Remember, the front manager allowed us a late checkout. The boys gathered around 9:00 a.m. after enjoying some cereal in their rooms. The water was cool and refreshing and quite a treat for the boys. They splished and splashed and zoomed down the water slide (it had closed down last night before we hit the pool).

Following the pool we changed into our travel uniform and loaded the bus. We were delayed slightly as I had roped Charlie and Joseph into attending a time-share meeting. Hey! Don’t laugh! They scored two 7-night stays at any Diamond Resort and $250.00 for the choir. That’s almost 1 tank of fuel! Once they joined us we were off to the Palm Springs Aerial Tram.

When we arrived, the temp was approximately 97 deg. When we ascended this picturesque tram ride the temp was 62 deg. at the top of the ride. It felt very refreshing. Once we got to the top, the boys dined at the Pines Cafe where they had salad, two vegetable sides (mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, roasted fingerlings or corn on the cob) and a main entree (vegetarian lasagna, BBQ ribs, or baked chicken). It was delicious.

We then ventured out to view the scenery. The view was magnificent. We know some of you were able to see us live for a moment or two. The boys love it when they have viewers interacting with them, so thank you for tuning in. I have pictures of the Tram Ride, but I left the camera on the bus. I will try to include them tomorrow.

Following the tram ride down we boarded the bus and continued west toward L.A. and then south to San Diego. As we were driving the temps continued to climb. Then, uh-oh, the A/C stopped working. You know it! I tell ya we need to stop coming to California. Luckily, the boys were sleeping and didn’t really notice. The further south we went the cooler it got and then the A/C started working a little. The temps began to dip into the low 70’s so by the time the boys awoke it was fairly cool. More on this in a bit…

We checked into our hotel, headed to Carl’s Jr., its right next door, changed into our concert uniforms at the hotel and then headed to Torrey Pines Church in La Jolla. Although the audience in the church was small, our viewership online was a nice size and both were very appreciative. While we were performing, Charlie was talking with alum dad Alan Carlisle, who helped Charlie with the A/C issue. As of now, all is back to working. Thank you, Alan! It’s so great to have folks like you willing to help the Choirboys out!

I spent a little time this evening interviewing a few more boys. I hope you enjoy their responses to the question of the day: If you could open a store, what would you sell?

And, lastly, here is the most recent episode of the Jake and Sam’s Vlog. Enjoy!


To be continued…

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  1. Christy Boese
    Christy Boese says:

    Love hearing Henry talk!! Miss you and love you, Henry! So glad you’re having an awesome time! I got your first letter yesterday!! Love, Mom


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