Choirboy fans, so sorry for missing a blog post last evening. Turns out a little piece from inside my computer is missing and my computer will not charge. I am using a different laptop tonight, so we are in good shape.

On Day 9, the boys started the day off with a deluxe breakfast on the 11th floor of the Best Western overlooking Corpus Christi Bay. We then loaded up the bus and started toward the Houston Area. We stopped for lunch at one of the boys’ favorite restaurants, Cracker Barrel. The restaurants are always in disbelief when I come in and say I have a party of 31. We make it very easy for them and, in the end, we received several compliments about the boys, the way they handle  themselves, and their manners and behavior while at the restaurant. Even other patrons in the restaurant will stop to comment. This is something we’ve come to expect, but do take in and enjoy the moments when the boys are excelling at what they do.

We continued down the road to the Houston Space Center. This place was packed and, due to rain, the tram tour was backed up for a while. We decided to let them explore the main building in pairs and then we lined up for the tram ride our to Rocket Park and the Mission Control Building.

After the tram tour, we had a little more time to explore before hitting the gift store and then heading back to the bus. We had just a short drive to the hotel where we ordered up some Papa John’s and hit the pool.

Cole, Archie and Henry decided to try out the hot peppers that come with the pizza. We all retired for the evening. The boys were tired and needed a good night’s rest. We even let them sleep in until 8:00 a.m. this morning.

Rising late for breakfast, we boarded the bus around 10:00 a.m. When I checked out, the front desk clerk said she didn’t even know there was a group in the hotel, let alone a group of boys! I must say, the Choirboys do a great job in hotels. They are quiet and courteous to the other guest and respect that they are not the only ones in the pool or in the hotel. Great job, gentlemen!

We headed toward Louisiana and faced the increasing humidity and heat. Oh, boy! It was a tough one. The A/C lasted most of the trip and then it just gave up. We drove for awhile until a quick stop at a truck stop. This allowed the boys time to cool off and switch seats. We reset the bus computer and the AC was back to running. The rest of the ride was much more comfortable. Along the way, we stopped for lunch at a Jack in the Box and then stopped at a Louisiana Visitors Center. The boys serenaded the staff with a song before heading to the alligator viewing area. We saw two of the three alligators and several turtles. Chris H. gave us a lesson on the type of turtle and that it was an invasive species.

We made it to our hotel around 8:30 p.m. Ordered up some Popeyes chicken and now the boys are in their rooms getting ready for bed. Tomorrow we will head to the swamp tour, sight see near Jackson Square in the French Quarter and hold a concert at the First Presbyterian Church in New Orleans.


Have a great night!


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