Good evening all you Choirboy fans and supporters!

Day 8 is the day we turned back to the west to begin our week-long journey home.

This morning the boys were up, dressed and fed by 9:00 AM. We headed over to St. Thomas of Villanova Parish, which is on the campus of Villanova. We were greeted by the associate director of music there and settled in to absorb the beautiful architecture of this space. Absolutely stunning!

The leader of the church service was the president of the college. He was very excited to have us at the church service. We offered preludes, a few selections during the service and a postlude. The cantor or soloist for the service used to be a choirboy with associated with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. He was thrilled to hear the boys singing and brought back many memories for him. You just never know who you will touch with the music of the boys. After the preludes, the congregation erupted with applause. The Choirboys were very proud of the way they sang those preludes.

Following the church service, we changed into our play clothes and handed the reins of the tour over to our three officers: John, Archie and James. They are now running the tour schedule, making decisions about meals and rest stops, when rest period will be and giving Charlie directions as to where he will need to go. They seem to be enjoying it, but are also learning there is a lot more to running a tour than what it looks like. They’ve also learned how important it is to let the bus driver know when and where he needs to turn because switching lanes quickly with a 42′ vehicle is not easy.

On a light-sided note, last night for dinner, each boy was given a budget for spending on their meal. Two of our boys over spent on their meals. We told them they would need to repay the choir for their overspending. They agreed the would make it up in sit-ups. LOL. So, Eddie T. is repaying with 100 sit-ups and Henry is repaying with 400 sit-ups. Currently, Eddie has his down to 100 sit-ups (he did 20 but forgot his hat in his hotel room so 20 were tacked back on) and Henry is down to 370. Don’t worry folks, this is all a way we are having fun with the Choirboys. 😉

Tomorrow, John, Archie and James have decided to depart at 8:00 AM because, you know CEDAR POINT is tomorrow. It will be about a 3 hour drive and they want to be there when it opens (of course).

That’s all for tonight. I’m feeling rather accomplished that I have a blog post done before 1:00 AM.

Check back tomorrow for many fun pictures from Cedar Point!

Good night!




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