Good evening all you great and wonderful fans and supporters of the Choirboys!

Today was the day! We had watched Rocky I, II and III on the way out to Philadelphia and today, TODAY we made it to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where we were able re-enact the Rocky run up the steps. Perhaps you caught it on our Facebook page today but, if you didn’t, here is a video of the first run.

Let’s back up. This morning the boys were awakened by their wonder Prefect, Camden. They readied themselves, ate some breakfast and headed for the bus. We had to take our three rentals back today. We were so happy to see our bus returned to us in better condition than we had last seen it. Even the shaken steering is gone and Charlie is in heaven!!!

We headed east on I-76, stopped at the Enterprise Rental Story and then continued our journey to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

When we went to take our victory photo with the Rocky Statue a gentleman was there to share with a little information he had. He shared that when the fateful meeting of the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles took place a few years ago, there were some 4,000 Vikings fans who descended upon the stairs in front of the art museum. When they moved down to the Rocky statue, they dressed it up like a Vikings fan. The Vikings would then go on to get DESTROYED by the Eagles. This gentleman said, “The moral of the story is that no one messes with the iconic Rocky statue.”

Following a few snapshots, we made the 5 block walk to the Eastern State Penitentiary, perhaps the most famous prison in the USA. This was where Al Capone was held for 7 months. The Choirboys picked up their audio guide headphones and set off on the 10-stop tour learning all about the penitentiary.


The Choirboys spent a little more money at the gift shop and then boarded the bus for the ride back to the hotel. Once we arrived, the Choirboys had lunch in their rooms and then a rest period before changing clothes and heading off to St. Katharine of Siena Catholic Church to sing for a service. The choir is sounding pretty good. We didn’t get any video, but managed to snap a few pictures during warm-ups.

Following the service, we came back to the hotel where the Choirboys worked on their journals, packed up a number of their personal things and started preparing for our departure tomorrow. Dinner was at the Mexican restaurant next to the hotel. The boys got desserts after their meals and Caleb M., who has a birthday tomorrow, even got a free dessert as we sang Happy Birthday!

Back to the hotel we went. The Choirboys received instruction from Camden and then it was off to bed. Tomorrow we have a church service at St. Thomas of Villanova at 10:30 and then we begin our westward trek toward Minnesota.

Off to bed for this part-time blogger!

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