Good evening all you western settlers! We are so glad that you are joining us this evening to learn about what the choirboys have been up to. Today was another relaxing day and the boys all said it was a GREAT day. We started with a great continental breakfast here at the hotel. The boys enjoyed pastries, pancakes, fruit, English muffins, orange juice and a variety of cereals. After all had eaten their breakfasts we prepared to embark on our trip to Bryce Canyon.

Upon arriving at the Visitor Center, the Choirboys explored an exhibit area and took in an educational film about the creation of and story of how Bryce Canyon came to be. It’s a pretty amazing phenom as to how this great national park came to be. We then returned to the bus and Charlie dropped us off at Sunset Point.  Here we began our decent into the amphitheater.

We all hiked for about 50 minutes seeing some amazing formations along the way. This blogger highly recommends this national park if you are ever traveling this way. It is my favorite national park.

As the boys ascended the final few paths we could see the end was coming. Everyone made it down and back up the Navajo Trail. Charlie was there waiting for us and, once the bus was loaded, it was off to pick up some groceries to make sandwiches for lunch. We returned to the hotel for lunch and we split our group into two to head out toward the stable for our trail ride.

It seems as though everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time on the horses. Thank you to Above and Beyond Senior Services for their matching donation and to all who donated online. The trial ride was slow and steady but the choirboys were ready to go.

After both groups had completed their trail ride, we headed for dinner at Ruby’s Inn where everyone enjoyed a great buffet! Then, some shopping at the General Store. We made a hefty investment in Ruby’s General store and some boys were interviewed for the question of the day, “What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?”

We headed back to the hotel and many boys had some code green in their rooms. That is all, except for the Bus Crew! These boys, Aiden, Connor, Steven, Louis, Josiah and Jake headed to the bus to do some cleaning. They did a thorough job sweeping, taking out the trash and evening dumping the toilet and refilling it.

The boys all gathered in Camden and my hotel room where the Bus Crew handed out some advice for doing a better job of taking care of the bus, we talked about how tour was going and how we were getting along with our tour partners. On every tour it is fairly consistent that about a week in the boys start to get a little testy with their partners. We took some time to talk about how to work through our misunderstanding, differences and preferences so that we have a great rest of tour.

Finally, the boys cast their votes for Choirboys of the Year. We currently are narrowing down a field of six nominees: Braeden, Sam A., Luke, Tristan S., Anthony and Archie. Tomorrow, they will narrow the list down to three and then cast their final votes. The recipient of the Choirboy of the Year award will be revealed at the Homecoming Concert – June 28th at St. Joseph the Worker in Maple Grove.

The boys are now snug in their beds and looking forward to arriving in California tomorrow. We will enter Pacific Time so the blog will be posted yet a little later than normal. Thank you for all the comments and feedback from our fans.

I’ll leave you with Episode 6 of Jake and Sam’s Vlog…

To be continued…

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