Good evening, or should I say, Morning since it is currently 12:40 AM as I make this entry into the Tour Blog.

Today was another great day. The Choirboys got up this morning and share in the cereal they had purchased the night before. They then made their own sandwiches for lunch, packed them in bags and met down at the cars for our journey in the rush traffic to arrive at the National Constitution Center. After jig jagging through the Philadelphia traffic, we managed to find the center, park and move indoors for this rather interactive and well-done gallery and theater. We started by touring the main gallery and Hall of the Signers. Then we were able to watch a live narration of how we got to the point of United Stated needing a constitution.

After the National Constitution Center, we sat outside for lunch before walking down Independence Park to see Independence Hall and then on to the Liberty Bell.

We made our way back out of Philadelphia and spent a few minutes rejuvenating our bodies so we could head to Our Mother of Good Counsel Parish where we had some sense of normalcy as the good people of the parish made. The sandwiches were chicken and, of course, Philly Cheese Steaks.

The Choirboys then prepped for their concert and were in good voice tonight as they sang for about 20 people in-person. Following the concert we took some time to check in about tour jobs (every Choirboy works on a team this year), talk about stay healthy for the remainder of tour and to work to maintain healthy relationships now that we have hit mid-tour. Also, after the concert, Charlie and I headed back to New Jersey to fetch the repaired motor coach. We are thrilled it was able to get repaired.

Tomorrow brings an early rise with the need to return the rental cars and then make our way to the Eastern State Penitentiary!

Thank you for choosing to spend some time with the Choirboys as you read this. In a few days we will turn back toward the west and continue with our plans.


Good night, friends!!!

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