Good evening all you super fans out there in the blog-o-sphere! The boys are all checked into their hotel rooms for the evening after a busy day of sight-seeing, traveling, eating and swimming. This morning the boys all gathered from their host homes around 8:00. We took some time to load the bag lunches, print off some “mail” and then board the bus. As we were ready to leave, our wonderful accompanist was busy talking to some friends of his parents so we decided to scare him a bit by starting to drive away. He hustled to the bus and his mom, Paulette, got quite a chuckle out of it. Off to Denver we went.

We arrived at Mile High Stadium around 10:30 a.m. and started our tour. We visited a special box seated area where we learned that to rent this space you had to pay for 5, 7 or 9 seasons at $300,000 per season and that didn’t include food. A single pizza costs $70!!! That had better be one very special pizza, if you ask me. We learned about the special turf that was placed on the field and about the Rocky Mountain Thunder, where the fans would stomp their feet to create a booming sound to distract or interfere with the opposing team. We, later in the tour, learned about the various signs posted all as ways to play psychological games with the opposing teams. Signs like – WARNING ALTITUDE SICKNESS or YOU ARE NOW 5,280 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL – these are all placed strategically so the opposing team is confronted with this around every corner they have to walk.

Our tour guide told us about the owners suite. We couldn’t see it, but apparently it is pretty amazing inside. We also saw things like: the press box, the broadcasters’ booth and finally made our way down to the field. We also learned about were the statue of the Bronco comes from. It is a replica of Trigger, Roy Rogers’ horse. However, they were not allowed to name it Trigger so the first called it Bucky and now call it Bucko. Apparently the fans are not thrilled!

Around 1:00 the boys invaded the gifts store. Interestingly, they didn’t have a Minnesota Vikings section nor a Chicago Bears Section…hmmm. The boys climbed on the bus after offering their financial support to the Denver Broncos and we were off for a drive through the Rockies. Today’s movie choice was, School of Rock, one of the tour favorites. We were able to see some amazing scenery as Charlie set the cruise through the mountains.

We landed in Grand Junction around 6:00 p.m. The boys made it to their rooms to drop of their luggage and then we headed to dinner at the Golden Corral. One of the tables, made up of Tristan S., Aiden, Sam A., Reece, Jake and Louis managed to drink one glass of pop for each of the choirboys. So, that’s 25 glasses of pop between the six of them. They are quite proud of this! The boys hit the desert bar and completed the evening meal with chocolate fondue with strawberries or marshmallows, ice cream, cake, cookies and so much more.

Back to the hotel we went were the prefects gave the boys some time to let their dinner settle before hitting the pool.

Is that a ghost in the last photo? No, that’s my exceptional photography skills! After some water time the boys retired to their rooms for the evening. Tomorrow we will get up and have breakfast together before heading to Bryce Canyon for two days.

Oh, Jake and Sam just air dropped me their latest episode…enjoy!


To be continued…

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  1. Char Swarm
    Char Swarm says:

    Looking like a great time!! So jealous you got to see Mile High Stadium!! Keep representing yourselves and this great organization!! A special hello to perfect Camden!!


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