Good evening all you good and faithful followers of our Tour Blog! We hope you are enjoying hearing about the Choirboys’ journey and adventures.

Today was mostly a driving day. The Choirboys awoke from their slumber and headed to the glorious breakfast at their hotel. They devoured as much as their bellies would hold and it was off to the next stop, The Sixth Floor Museum, in Dallas, TX.

As we departed Ardmore, the temperatures continued to rise and, unfortunately, our poor, 20 year old bus can simply not keep up with the heat. It was a good thing we were on road early so the AC didn’t have to work as hard. With the great navigational skills of Grant, we got Charlie to a good parking space on Houston Street near the museum. The prefects ran over to Subway to pick up our pre-ordered box lunches and return to a very happy group. We ate our lunches on the bus before heading to the museum for our scheduled tour time.

The museum has to be one of the best museums I have ever taken the boys to while on tour. Each Choirboy received their audio device and head phones and headed up the elevator to the 6th Floor, the floor where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed President Kennedy in 1963 ( or did he?). The conspiracies abound still to this day of how and who was involved in this assassination.


Following the 90-minute tour, we walked to the grassy knoll and then to the gift store to purchase a few things that would remind us of the tour and the places we’ve visited.

Back on the bus, we drove in near Dealey Plaza and traced the path the motorcade took that fateful day in Dallas. Then, on to the interstate we zoomed looking for a place to fuel. We made it a few miles down the road before our AC decided to stop working. It just doesn’t like this heat. This didn’t seem to phase the Choirboys as we fueled and cooled at a truck stop south of Dallas.

We journeyed to Waco, TX where we found an In-and -Out Burger and inhaled some burgers, fries, soda and shakes. We returned to the bus, where the AC had resumed running. We made our way the 90 miles to College Station, TX and to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church where we were met by our host families, a giant Texas flag and a great big HOWDY Y’ALL). The boys quickly met their host families and they were off for the evening.

Around 11:00 this evening, I received the highly popular vlog from Jake and Braeden. Check it out:

Tomorrow the boys will gather for a pool party and cookout before heading to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library followed by a concert. Check back in tomorrow for more updates.

To be continued…

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