Today was a “drive” day for the Choirboys. We gathered back at St. Joseph’s in Shawnee with full bellies from breakfast, smiles on our face and a new 10 year old. Happy birthday, Caleb! The first task this morning was for the bus crew to clean the bus. Believe it or not, these boys with angelic voices can some time be a little messy. The bus crew will certainly back me up on this. As the bus crew tackled the picking up of trash, empty water bottles and sweeping the bus (Heaston even sprayed the seats with Fabreeze), the others waited in the shade. Once the bus was all clean and smelling fresh, the Choirboys loaded the bus and off we went.


We traveled a bit before getting on the Kansas Turnpike and continuing our journey south and into warmer weather. The temps climbed into the mid-90’s today and the humidity levels are climbing, too. We stopped of EZ GO #75 near Belle Prairie to re-fill our tummies with the wonderful bag lunches from the church and host families. Then, onward toward Ardmore, OK.


We arrived at our hotel shortly before 5:00 p.m. The Choirboys were hot and hungry. Right across the street is a Pizza Hut, so we let the boys cool off a bit in their rooms and then walked to the Hut. Of course, we made sure the boys had a salad bar to make a nice salad. As you can see, some like their salads and some tolerate them. Then, pizza for all! We devoured nine pizzas and several orders of cheesy bread. The wait staff asked the boys to sing, so we gathered toward the front of the restaurant and sang Bonse Aba for them.


Back to the hotel we went to change into swim suits and hit the nice, fresh pool for an evening swim. We divided the boys into two groups, as the pool was not very large. The younger boys got to swim first and the older boy had no problem waiting their turn as they retreated to there rooms to relax for a bit.

Now it is getting time to call it a night. Tomorrow we stop at The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas and then on to College Station, TX.


Oh, wait! Jake and Braeden wouldn’t want to disappoint their fans two nights in a row. Here is there latest episode of their almost daily, daily vlog.


Here’s a link to the Journal Express article in Knoxville, Iowa following our concert on June 17 – article

To be continued…

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