Good evening all you fans and supports of the Choirboys! We hope you are enjoying taking this virtual tour with us as the Choirboys continue their way east.

Today was a day all about Minnesota! We got up this morning, got down to breakfast to gain some energy and then departed St. Clairsville, OH for Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center. For any of you who have travelled to Gettysburg, you will recall the winding and hilly and mountainous terrain to get to the small town of Gettysburg. The Choirboys thought perhaps Charlie was giving them a taste of what Cedar Point is going to be like with all its roller coasters and tummy turning rides. After about a 5 hour drive and a stop for lunch at Dairy Queen (Henry’s choice for his birthday – tried to stop yesterday but the dining area was closed at that DQ). The Choirboys enjoyed their meal combos with blizzards and sundaes on the side.

We made our way out to the Visitor Center and met up with our tour guide, James. We were in luck because the COVID protocols have relaxed enough that he was able to ride on the bus with us like the tour guides usually do. Initially, in making our reservation, we were told we would have to follow our guide. James did a great job engaging the Choirboys in the history of Gettysburg, marking all the important battles and, of course, highlighting the importance of the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment in connection with the Union’s victory.

After thanking James for a great tour, we headed back into town to spend some money on some great souvenirs. They Choirboys got a lesson in shopping rules and we split into two groups to get our shopping all done for the day. We walked back to the bus and headed out toward York, PA where our was for the night.

After just a short 40 minute drive, we arrived at the Best Western in York and got checked in. We decided dinner would be at the restaurant next door – Quaker Steak & Lube! They had some great food – burgers, ribs, wings, and more. Henry even got a shake for his birthday. The Choirboys were torn between three different happenings during dinner. First, a police officer had pulled someone over in the parking lot, so many were enthralled with that process. Some were focused on the MMA match on one TV and others were into the start of the Canadiens vs. Knights NHL playoff game. I’ll let you spend time to guess which boys were into what event.

We ended the meal and our waiter asked if we would sing. The Choirboys chose to sing one of the South African pieces. The other wait staff came over to listen. One said to me, “I wanted to cry. And, I’m not joking.” Our waiter said, “Tell those boys they were awesome. Their singing made my night.”

The Choirboys are all tucked in now. Camden does a great job going room to room to give them instruction, make sure their suitcases haven’t exploded all over the room and turn off their lights each night. Tomorrow, we’re on to Harrisburg to the National Civil War Museum and then on to King of Prussia, PA where we will finally get some swim time.

Hope you’re all looking forward to hearing the Choirboys sing again this Friday at 7:30 PM Eastern. They are definitely looking forward to getting back to singing.

Signing off for tonight!

Good night!

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