The Choirboys returned this morning to St. Thomas More Newman Center on the campus of the University of Missouri (Mizzou). There host homes raved about them, saying things like, “the most gracious gentlemen” and “such a joy to have them stay with us.” Some hosts mentioned, “It amazes me how much they eat.”


After saying goodbye to our host families and closing up the bays, we were one our way to a quick stop at Walmart to pick up some water and then a stop to fuel the bus. Louis was fortunate enough to learn how to was the windshield on the bus to keep Charlie happy and able to see well.

Now we were on our way to the National WWI Museum and Memorial. Before our tour, we found a park and enjoyed lunch together. We met our tour guide, Tim, right inside the doors of the museum. We gathered in an area where the floor was glass and below it was 9,000 poppies representing the number of soldiers lost in WWI. From here we watched a movie introducing WWI, who was involved and how it started. Tim then took us room by room through the museum where the boys saw made up trenches, real tanks and artillery, uniforms, helmets, and much more.

The boys also had the opportunity to go up in the tower for a stunning view of the area.

Following the tour, the Choirboys went shopping, boarded the bus, and we were off to our next stop at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Shawnee, KS. The church here had been recently renovated and was absolutely beautiful. The acoustics were well designed and favor the singing of these boys. It is always interesting to see the boys’ reaction when the first hear their sound in a well designed venue. They definitely knew they didn’t want to waste the chance to make beautiful music in this space. Some of you were able to join us on Facebook to hear the first four songs of our concert. Just a little teaser to show you what a wonderful job all the Choirboys are doing.

After another standing ovation and applause until the last boy had left the building, the boys got to their tour jobs, which is getting better. Their current time is just a little over 16 minutes. The first goal of tour is 15 minutes! They joined their hosts and enjoyed iced tea, lemonade and cake before they were off for the night.

Well, doesn’t look like we’ll have a new episode of Jake and Braeden’s vlog, so, I guess that’s good night. We have a long drive tomorrow (over 430 miles) to Ardmore, OK where the boys will have the night off. I am thinking there is swimming in their future as long as journals are current and letters have been turned in to be mailed.


To be continued…



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