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First-time Tourers arrived at the bus this morning, having experienced their first home-stay. Tristan Wellman stayed with fellow newbies Jack and Keegan. They were hosted by Resurrection’s youth minister. I got a chance to chat with her while the rest of the boys were arriving.  Last night she asked them about contacting their parents throughout tour, and they said “they make us do it the old-fashioned way”.  She learned the only contact they have with parents and family is via handwritten letters. She then asked them if they ever got homesick, and the reply was “I just don’t think about it”.  Later, while the boys were in bed they asked if they could have a night light. It must’ve been pitch black in their room. She said “you never think about that” when you’re hosting a boy.  It’s a touch of home they can have while away.


William aka Will.I.Am

So,yes, the First-timers had their first home-stay ever but this was also the first home-stay of tour for everyone. In the bus to Niles IL, Stewart asked about their stays.  Jack immediately told us that his family had a golden retriever and it licked him and his roomies in the middle of the night. Ethan was happy about the blueberry pancakes he had for breakfast, AND that he got to speak Spanish throughout the evening. His host “mom” was a Spanish teacher. Luke told us he had to sleep in a pink Mini Mouse room.  Donovan and his partner found out that Woodstock had historical significance with the Underground Railroad.

Aaron took some time to review last night’s concert. He was very happy with it; said they sounded like a choir that had been singing their repertoire for three or four concerts. He reminded them they had only sung one so far.

Tristan S, chicken man

Chicken man!

Every day of every tour, Stewart selects an Officer of the Day. Today Louis got the honor. Over the PA system, Louis told the boys of the day’s schedule. They were to drive to Niles IL for a 7:00pm concert.  He also selected a Quote of the Day, courtesy of Connor Vander Heyden: “Always have the pride of an eagle and the wisdom of an owl”.  Louis’ Word of the Day was “Confidence” and he punctuated it by playing  his Song of the Day, “We Will Rock You” by Queen.

Typically on tour  I announce when we cross state line, and tell the boys interesting facts about the new state. Today we didn’t leave Illinois, so Chris Hess volunteered to host a bit of bus trivia. Before tour he prepared a small booklet of trivia. I’ll share with you his questions; perhaps you’ll know the answers. (You can’t use Google until you’ve guessed)

1.What are the three colors of the Olympic rings?

2.What is the world’s hardest mineral?

3.Who cut off the ear of famous painter Vincent Van Gogh?

This is a new addition to the tours I’ve been on, and it’s a welcome change. Thanks, Chris.

Roman Sky High

“This is on my bucket list.”

Dodge Ball #3Many of you parents know this next thing, but the boys didn’t. Aaron surprised them with a trip to Sky High Sports, a sports facility specifically fitted with trampolines. The boys (and the staff) jumped around in a foam pit, a dodgeball enclosure, and a “Main Court”.  They spent two hours huffing and puffing, tossing dodgeballs and themselves through the air.  Even the boys who needed to take a break found other things to do. Sam Anderson didn’t need bubble wrap to play a game of pool with Alex Hansen; and a few adventuresome gentlemen discovered the hurricane tunnel.  [two pictures, one in concert outfits, the other playing at Sky High, caption: “Ordinary boys doing extraordinary things”

Tonight’s concert was sung at the familiar St. John Brebeuf Catholic Church in Niles IL. We were here last year. The sanctuary was vibrantly acoustic for the boys as they introduced two more songs in their repertoire. They keep getting better with every space they sing in.   After the concert they enjoyed an ice cream sundae with a generous people of St. John Brebeuf Catholic church.

    Joey, Luke - with host family  

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