Mornings just don’t get any more beautiful than the sun shining, dew glistening of the corn plants and boys who are bouncy like Tigger on an adventure to find Winnie the Pooh. The church hosted the boys for a breakfast of blueberry, chocolate chip and plain pancakes, sausage patties and links, cheesy potatoes (left over from dinner and requested by the boys), fruits, and some pastries. It was delicious. After breakfast, we traveled to the Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum. Here, the boys talked with one of the drivers and learned about owning your own team and how much it costs to own a few sprint cars. They went up into the tower (six stories high) and saw the suites, which rent for $25,000 per year and then got a tour through the museum where the learned about how the car design has changed through the years. Did you know sprint car engines cost around $45,000? When we all completed the tour, the Choirboys sang a song for the staff and then commenced their purchasing for the first gift shop stop of tour.


The officers got the lunches off the bus and we enjoyed some social time and eating in a room at the museum.


With Knoxville being within driving distance of Elk River, the pastor is hoping we can return sometime next season to offer a concert and sing at some church services. Of course, we would love to be able to this and build the connection between the LOLCB and First United Methodist of Knoxville.


We boarded the bus for our 4 hour drive to Columbia, Missouri. While on the bus, under the leadership of the older, more experienced Choirboys, many of the boys spend time reviewing some of the music. The drive went by quickly and it was time to kick into action again with our new community at St. Thomas More Newman Center in Columbia. We were greeted by Kelley and Trent who showed Braeden and Anthony around the facility. When we make a stop, the head chorister and assistant head chorister go into the facility with the prefects and I to see the areas where we will sing, eat, and change. They then go out to the bus to instruct the Choirboys on what equipment needs to come in with them and where they are to go when they get inside. I must say each day the boys get better and better and completing their tasks in a timely fashion.


After getting everything in place, we gathered for a dinner of grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, fruit, chips and cookies. The boys devoured all the food available to them. These are some growing boys!


We’re trying something different this year. After dinner, instead of heading to rehearse, the boys are changing into the concert uniforms first. Then, they rehearse for a bit. It seems to be working fairly well and the boys seem more prepared and less rushed for their concerts. After rehearsing a few of the boys hand out programs and greet their audience while the others gather in the dressing room and spend quiet time preparing for their performance.


The space was a wonderful one in which to sing. It really supported the boys and offered them a great chance to improve from the previous evening. I must admit, the boys sounds extremely good tonight! I am very proud of the work they have done and their audiences have been very appreciative, as well. The boys received yet another standing ovation needing to bow three times before they walked off stage with the audience still on their feet and clapping. There were even some cheers both before intermission and at the conclusion of the concert. The boys were feeling pretty good about their performance.


For all of those following us on social media, there’s a pretty good chance we will be FaceBook Live for a portion of tomorrow night’s concert. Watch our FaceBook page for details.


Well, the boys are off at their host homes. We will anxiously await their reports in the morning as to who had a better host home. Until then, we leave you with yet another vlog post from Jake, Braeden and Louis.

To be continued…

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