Good Evening.  One more day to go.

Gus - bus yeahThe boys gathered at Windsor Heights Lutheran this morning to pack their suitcases and their lunches.  Mrs. Sletto had a spread of sandwich fixin’s all ready for them when they arrived.  When they all got their lunches made, we started our trek to Monticello IA.
Dono - chipsAt noon, we stopped at a park in Anamosa IA.  It was a beautiful park right off the river.  The weather was very pleasant, and there was plenty of green space for the boys to eat their lunches.  Ss. Peter and Paul Lutheran church was only 20 minutes away so the boys had time to spare.  Stewart led a group in Ultimate Frisbee while a few boys played a game they made up: “Sports Ball”.  I’m not sure what it was about, but it included stealing each other’s hats.  They seemed to enjoy it.

Jack, Luke, GusWe arrived at Ss. Peter and Paul Lutheran church around 4:30pm.  The church is quaintly set in the country in a township near Monticello.  The boys removed their garment bags from the bus, and rehearsed for awhile before dinner.  Tonight they got to sing “Go Down Moses” which they had been waiting to perform since the beginning of tour. Joey also got to accompany Donovan and the boys for “Homeward Bound”. For intermission, Sam Griepp and Donovan replaced Joey on the piano. They all were so excited to get a chance to perform in a different manner.   Over all, the boys did very well tonight.  The good people of Ss. Peter and Paul gave them a standing ovation.  This time the boys thanked the audience by singing “The Alphabet Song”. This is the first time they’ve been able to sing it.

Tristan W - shaking handsWith their last concert away from home behind them, the boys are now ready to sing for all of you in Minnesota. They’re getting a good night’s rest with their host families tonight, and will be heading north tomorrow morning.  Parents, family, and friends will all be at Maple Grove’s St. Joseph the Worker Catholic church to greet them. The concert is at 7:30pm, and we hope to see you all there.

Thanks for reading. Good night.


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