Good evening you wonderful fans of the Land of Lakes Choirboys!

We are just a few hundred miles from home and just a few short days from our BIG Homecoming Concert on Thursday. Today was a very casual day. The boys gathered at the church with their host families who had nothing but GREAT things to say about the boys. One host family commented about how punctual the boys were. She said breakfast would be at 7:30 and they were there one minute before. Word is the community already wants the boys to come back! Pastor Scott offered a standing invitation for us to return any time we would like. Thank you to all the folks in Spearfish who came together to offer our choirboys such a wonderful evening!

We boarded the bus and we were off to Wall Drug! It was just a short drive and we were there. The boys broke into groups to conquer the stores and wrap up their tour shopping. Many of them took their turn climbing on the Jack-a-lope that resides at Wall Drug. We spent about an hour shopping and then we were on our way for lunch.

We stopped at a rest area for lunch. When we loaded the bus back up to continue our journey we watched a movie. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30 p.m. CDT and the boys quickly unloaded the bus, got to their rooms and headed to the pool.

The boys swam for a little over an hour, returned to their rooms to shower and get ready for dinner. We headed to Al’s Oasis Restaurant for dinner. We ordered the boys some appetizers to share: fried green beans, fried pickles and chislic (A South Dakota staple – deep fried cubes of beef).

Now the boys are getting ready for bed. We have a late start tomorrow and short drive to Sioux Falls.

Good night!


To be continued…


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