Good evening!

Sam A - busThe boys got up bright and early this morning. We traveled to Des Moines and the ride was roughly 6 hours. Isaac told us right away when we got on the road, “I’m going to nap in my seat.  I’ll probably snore.  Snoring is a manly thing”.  He certainly did sleep, and so did several boys.  Six Flags was fun, and the boys were feeling it this morning.  Luckily they had a long trip to catch a few significant z’s.

Reece was our Officer of the Day. His Quote of the Day was unsolicited by no one what so ever, “Stewart is Awesome”.  Unfortunately he’s was coerced by someone in particular to choose his Word of the Day: “Stewart”.  Despite all the influence in the first few seats, Reece was unwavering in his choice for Song of the Day: “Uptown Funk.” The boys got funky in the bus for at least 5 minutes.

Alex - lunchWe stopped by McDonald’s for lunch. This was the first time we needed to eat at a fast food establishment.  We considered it a success that we hadn’t eaten fast food until the 16th day of tour.

Tristan S - clinicCharlie and Camden guided us safely to Windsor Heights Lutheran church in Des Moines.  We stepped in the doors around 3:30pm, and were greeted by Barbara Sletto, the Artistic Director of the Heartland Youth Choir.  The boys spent some time with her learning a couple rounds they were to sing with her choir.  She also spent some time listening to the boys sing “Saints Bound for Heaven”, and she gave great feedback.  She was energetic and fun, and was an excellent clinician for them.

A make-your-own-sandwich dinner was provided in the Fellowship hall before the performance.  Members of both choirs sat together to get to know each other.  Our generous host also provided cupcakes to celebrate Reece’s 11th birthday.   All the choirs joined together to sing “Happy Birthday” to him, and “as is the tradition of the Land of Lakes Choirboys”, Reece sang “Happy Birthday” to himself.

Group - before concert #3The concert started at 7pm, and the Heartland Youth Choir opened the event with a few of their wonderful songs.  The boys joined them for the two new pieces they learned this afternoon, and then finished the evening with a shorter version of their tour repertoire.  Aaron said they sang very well.  It’s Day 16, and they’re on top of their game.

Every night of tour the staff stays in a hotel while the boys join their host families.  Tonight was different in that the officers got to stay in the hotel as well.  Stewart and Camden spent time with the choir leadership, swimming, talking, and enjoying late night snacks.  The officers were so happy to get some time with them.

Before the evening ended, I also got a chance to interview Graduates Ethan Rud and Nick Burnett Carlisle.

  • What is your happiest memory of tour? Funniest thing that happened on tour?
    • Ethan – Alaska, seeing the reactions of the first time flyers to Alaska.
    • Nick – at Camp playing Gaga ball with Stewart and David Boyum.
  • What’s it like being a Choirboy?
    • ER – Better than school; hanging out with the guys; bittersweet especially on tour: you get some stuff, you lose some stuff.
    • NBC -You get tons of opportunities, lots of skills as an adult, you get to be doing something you love.
  • One word to describe you would be?
    • ER – Sarcastic
    • NBC -Competitive
  • Ethan and NickWhat advice would you give to next year’s Choirboys?
    • ER – Make others happy and they will strive to make you happy.
    • NBC -Worry about others, not yourself.
  • What do you like to do for fun on the bus?
    • ER – Make fun of Joey
    • NBC -Sleep
  • What do you love most about your tour partner?
    • ER – He’s a big dude but he’s knows he’s a big dude and that’s what makes him nice.
    • NBC -He’s calm.
  • What’s the nicest thing you did for someone on tour?
    • ER – I seem to be the “divider” between two people in an argument.
    • NBC -Sat and talked to one of the new boys.
  • Name two things we should on tour next year?
    • ER – Have a bigger party for the graduates, spend more time with Host homes
    • NBC -Spend more time with Host homes, go swimming more

Daniel with Aunt and UncleTomorrow we leave for Monticello IA to perform at Ss Peter and Paul Lutheran church. It’s the boys’ last performance before Homecoming.  They’re getting excited to see everyone at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Maple Grove.  Please be sure to come see them for their final concert of the season.


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