Good evening.

Today we traveled to Eureka, MO have to some fun at Six Flags – St. Louis. The boys woke up early and had their breakfast.  The bus loaders and room crew got their jobs done, and we all were out the door around 8:15am.  Daniel was our Officer of the Day.  His Quote of the Day was “Remember everything is temporary”.  Temporary must have been his theme throughout tour because that was his Word of the Day. He wanted everyone to listen to ACDC’s “Back in Black”.  I’m sure you saw the video on Facebook this morning.

Ben - busWhile we were traveling Aaron told me we achieved his tour goal of 1,300 Likes on Facebook.  I wanted to thank you all for contributing to that goal.  The more you share our blog, photos, etc, the more people learn about the boys and our valuable program.

For a few days Chris had been slacking on his Bus Trivia, but today he got back into the groove.  His questions were really interesting, but not very hard for the boys. 1) What does the Roman numeral C represent? 2) What’s the highest mountain in Africa? 3) What language has the most words?

Cole, JakeWe stopped by Cracker Barrel for lunch this afternoon because not a lot of the boys had EVER been there before.  The staff was pleased to hear some of them actually chose foods they normally do get. Luke and Reece tried grits. They said they were pretty good.  Sam Griepp was delighted to hear that you could actually order pancakes for lunch, and Joey and Braeden CHOSE to order salads.  Even in the 15th day of tour these boys still surprise us.

After lunch, we had some time to finish the third installment of  “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi”.  I used that time to interview two of the three “Tristans”: Tristan Wellman & Tristan Christiaasen.

  1. What is your happiest memory of tour? Funniest thing that happened on tour?
    1. Tristan Wellman- playing kickball and winning.
    2. Tristan Christaansen – swimming in the ocean for the first time; tripped and fell on stage during “My Girl”
  2. Tristan CWhat’s it like being a Choirboy?
    1. TW – It’s fun. Teaches you how to act like a gentleman
    2. TC – Being in a choir and being a boy. (Smart Alec)
  3. One word to describe you would be?
    1. TW – Passionate
    2. TC – Stubborn
  4. What advice would you give to next year’s Choirboys?
    1. TW – Do the things your officers tell you to do, they’re more experienced.
    2. TC – Listen to more experienced people. Don’t just act on your gut feeling.
  5. What do you like to do for fun on the bus?.
    1. TW – Play poker, Texas hold ’em
    2. TC – Play cards and devices
  6. What do you love most about your tour partner? What’s annoying about him?
    1. TW – How he showed me the ropes. Annoying – pulls pranks on me.
    2. TC – He’s lot like me. Annoying – he’s lot of like me.
  7. Tristan W - Batman capeWhat’s the nicest thing you did for someone on tour?
    1. TW – Raised someone’s spirits because they were feeling down
    2. TC – Helping someone with their tour job when other people weren’t.
  8. Name two things we should on tour next year?
    1. TW – Swim more, have longer time at rest stops to play games like Ultimate
    2. TC – Do more group games, get rid of garment racks
  9. What’s the grossest thing you can think of?
    1. TW – Jabba the Hut
    2. TC – Milkshake, add dirt and leaves, shake it up, eat it, throw it up then eat it again. (Yeah, that’s bit gross)

Jake, EvanAround 2pm, we got to the mostly anticipated destination of all tour: Six Flags – St. Louis.  The boys were so excited to get on the rides.  Lightly coated with sunscreen and hydrated, the boys split into two groups to do extraordinary things in the world famous amusement park. Stewart and Camden took half of them for the extreme rides: Batman, the Ninja, and Mr. Freeze.  The other half went with Aaron and me to the less extreme rides. A roller-coaster called “Screamin’ Eagle” was popular. It was a hot day in Eureka MO so they also found the water rides particularly refreshing. I’d like to give props to both Evan and Nick for conquering their fears of roller-coasters today.  It was a wonderful experience being part of their courageous endeavor. At the end of 4 hours in the park, the boys bought their souvenirs, well-spent from the days excitement.  We checked into the hotel in Washington MO, and had pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow is another early morning.  They travel to Windsor Heights IA to sing with the Heartland Youth Choir.  It’s a long trip, even longer than this morning’s trek.

Thank you for reading. See you all in a few days. Goodnight.

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