Good morning all you who waited up last night for a blog post. So sorry. I left the camera on the bus and it has a majority of our photos on it.

The boys gathered this morning at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church with their host families. The boys were in a good mood! We thanked our host families and boarded the bus to begin the drive to Devil’s Tower and then on to Spearfish, SD. The drive to Devil’s Tower was just a mere three hours. As we approached “America’s First National Monument” John F. shared with us the legend of Devil’s Tower. You can read it here.

We stopped at the Devil’s Tower Trading Post and parked the bus. The boys grabbed their lunches and headed for some nearby picnic tables. After the boys were done eating they posed for a group photo with Devil’s Tower in the background. We then hit the gift shop. Those prepaid cards are getting down to almost nothing for most boys. We have one more stop for shopping – of course it’s Wall Drug!! That will come tomorrow.

We, again, arrived early into Spearfish, so the staff checked into their hotel. We then drove through town to Spearfish United Methodist Church where we were greeted by our host, Mary, and one of the local 4-H clubs who prepared us dinner and who are making our bag lunches for tomorrow. We got a tour of the facility and Tristan S. and Luke I. went out to instruct the boys what would need to happen. The boys took care of their tour jobs, warmed up for the concert a bit, then enjoyed hamburgers, beans, pasta salad, chips and fruit.

Tonight we had some extra time, so we took our graduate photos. Stewart, Tristan and Camden are collaborating on our Tour Video (which we show during intermission of our Homecoming Concert). We are collecting photos of our graduates when they were just newbies! These photos are so fun to sort through!

We had a good sized audience for our concert and they were very engaged in our program. The applause seemed to last longer than at previous concerts and the boys soaked it all in. Braeden commented that they were busier than normal at the merchandise table!! That’s great news!

Following the concert, I had the opportunity to speak with several concert-goers. Many applauded the LOLCB for the work they do with the boys. They can really see a difference in these boys. One audience member taught middle school music for 35 years. He said he was so impressed that he almost wanted to go back into teaching middle schoolers!! We also had the director of choral studies from Black Hills State University in the audience. He commented on the sound of the choir as well as the repertoire we presented. It is always great to get feedback like this from those in the choral/music field.

The boys took care of their tour jobs in under 15 minutes, met their host families, grabbed some cookies and lemonade and made their way off to the host homes. Tomorrow, we have a day off and will spend some time in Wall, SD and then make out way to Oacoma, SD for a hotel stay.

Here is the latest edition of the Jake and Sam vlog for your enjoyment…

To be continued…

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