Yesterday, we departed our friends in Evansville and head north through Chicago to St John’s Brebeuf in Niles, IL. As we’d were pulling in to the parking lot, the older boys started telling the younger boys, “this is THE church.” Interesting story, several years ago when the choir was on tour in the Las Vegas area, we were hosted at a Presbyterian church in Henderson,  NV. The music director at the church was Marek Rachelski. We had a great stop. A few years later, I received an email from Marek, saying he had moved to Niles and would love to have the boys come some time.  Well, we have now been to St. John’s on three different tours. We are hoping maybe some time we can stop in during the regular choir season instead of in the summer on tour. Anyway, St. John’s has become known as THE church not only because of the acoustics and design of the sanctuary but because we get to see Marek!

The concert went great. By the end of their singing, the Choirboys were receivingnhoots and hollers from their audience for a job well done. Off to do tour jobs and enjoy some refreshments and then they retired for the evening to their host families.

This morning we had some extra time before heading to Six Flags in Gurnee. So, what else would we do but have a suitcase check. The prefects worked to be sure all the suitcases were in good order before we boarded the bus and started making our way toward Six Flags.

Having already doused the boys in sunscreen, upon arriving, we divided into several groups according to which rides they wanted to go on (i.e. extreme rides, medium rides and smaller rides). After about and hour a rains trom moved close enough to cause the rides to shut down due to lightning. We decided to take advantage of this down time to eat our lunches. After lunch we divided into groups again. This time one option included the water park. We ended our time at Six Flags with some shopping.

‘We departed the amusement park and began our journey to Portage, WI. Here the boys enjoyed dinner at Dino’s and serenaded their servers and restaurant staff before retiring to their hotel room for the night. They are now all fast asleep for the final stay before being able to rest in their own beds tomorrow evening.

We are very excited to be heading back to Minnesota tomorrow after a great 16ndyas on the road meeting people from all the different stops and sharing our music with audiencesof all types. Tomorrow night, of course, we share our music with our favorite audience, our family snf friends. Hope you can join us at 7:00 pm at St. Joseph the Worker, 7180 Hemlock Lane Northe in Maple Grove.

Here is one last episode of Jake and Braeden’s vlog. Enjoy.

To be continued…

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