Good evening.

Group with MelanieLuke - mid morning b'fastThis morning the boys sang at All Saints Episcopal Church in Birmingham, AL.  Melanie Couch, the Director of Music, took very good care of the boys.  With her help, the boys knew how to follow along in their service bulletins, and they had a great mid-morning breakfast of fruit, cheese, and granola before their 11am appearance.  I got to sit with one of the host families for the 8:45 service. They hosted seven of the boys last night, and thoroughly enjoyed having the boys share the evening with their own three kids.  Earlier that morning, another host told me that her 13 year old son was glad to play video games with boys his age.

Tristan C - avoidingWe all had lunch at the church, and then started our way to Memphis.  Sam Griepp was Officer of the Day today: “Always try to do your best”.  His Word of the Day was “Responsibility”, and he wanted the boys to listen to a song they’ve been singing for every concert, “Homeward Bound”.  I had a fresh recording from their concert in Macon, GA.

Ethan - mailRest period was spent watching “Stars Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes”.  The 2nd installment of Stewart’s most favorite movie distracted them for most of the trip; so much that they didn’t even notice Charlie driving through a spot of heavy rain.  It cleared up when we entered Mississippi, and by that time the movie had finished.  Stewart handed out letters.  Isaac, I think, is now up to 47 swirlies.

For these final days of tour I thought I’d spend some time interviewing the graduating gentlemen.  Daniel and Evan were happy to start the series.

  • What is your happiest memory of tour? Funniest thing that happened on tour?

    • Daniel – Mammoth Cave. When Evan became the new “soft, comfortable one”. He took the place of “soft, comfortable” William from last year’s tour.
    • Evan – playing D&D in the back. Joey’s character beating up everyone’s as soon as he entered the game
  • What’s it like being a Choirboy? a gentleman?
    • I can’t remember not being a Choirboy. I’ve been one most of my life.
    • Lots of singing.  It takes up a lot of time but it’s worth it.
  • Daniel and Evan - finger gunsOne word to describe you
    • Loyal
    • Geek
  • What advice would you give to next year’s Choirboys?
    • Listen, realize most things are temporary.
    • Don’t get in trouble. Simple as that. You will regret it.
  • What do you like to do for fun on the bus?

    • Enjoy D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) in the back
    • PlayD&D.
  • What do you love most about your tour partner? dislike the most?
    • He’s funny.  He’s annoying sometimes.
    • Fun. He punches me a lot.
  • What’s the nicest thing you did for someone on tour?
    • Help them make characters in D&D.  It takes two hours to make one.
    • I help my sisters with almost everything (not tour)
  • Name two things we should on tour next year?
    • Go to the northeast, New York
    • Go to Canada, New York City again
  • What’s the grossest thing you can think of?
    • Putting a toothpick under your toe nail and kicking a wall.
    • Eating a hard boiled rotten egg.

Braeden, ColeWe had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse tonight.  The boys had some time before being seated so they all started playing a game called “Ninja”.  Even Stewart and Camden played.  Right before they were called into the restaurant, they sang for a lady who was sitting outside waiting for her table.  She was so very grateful, and wouldn’t stop raving about them all night.

The evening ended with a couple stories from Aaron, and the boys voted for Choirboy of the Year. They’re all in their rooms, getting prepared for the long trip to St. Louis tomorrow.  It’s Six Flags day.  They’re in for a big treat.

Thanks for reading, y’all.  Goodnight.

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