The boys sang for the 9:45 mass at St. Mary’s this morning.  We weren’t quite sure if Nathan (the boy conductor from last night) was going to be there.  He certainly was! Sporting a blue jacket, red tie, and red shoes.  The boys gave him a “do extraordinary” t-shirt and he wore all morning long. Donuts were served in the reception area while the boys talked more with their host families.

On the bus to Lockport, Stewart asked about their host homes.  We all had a great time hearing the stories about ice cream, prisons, indoors pools, and relatives’ names that all started with the letter D.  Aaron also told the boys a couple stories he heard last night from attendees of the concert.  There was an elderly lady who, although she was partially deaf, said that she heard every note the boys sang last night.  Also, a man talked about how the whole evening was a wonderful coincidence for him.  He was thrilled to find out last night was the boys’ 13th day on tour.  The number 13 was his favorite number.  He was married on Friday the 13th.  He also mentioned how moved he was when the boys sang “What a Wonderful World”; that was the song he and his daughter danced to on her wedding day. The boys were so excited to hear these wonderful stories about the impact they have on the people who hear them.

We arrived in Lockport to check into the hotel before heading to First Presbyterian for dinner. The mood of the boys was different today.  They were more antsy and excited.  Normally the din of the bus is a dull roar but today it was starting to become more boisterous.  At dinner I learned the boys were excited to start their adventures at Cedar Point.  Although they were excited for tomorrow they kept their focus on giving a great concert to the people of Lockport.

Before the concert, I interviewed the second graduate on my list: Tristan Wellman.  Tristan is 15 yrs old, and lives in Ham Lake.  He was a graduate last year, which was also his first tour. I asked him how he felt about this being his last tour.  He feels sad, considering this was only his second tour.  He would’ve liked to go on more; however, he’s ready to move on.  He plans to start taking ground school for a private plane pilot’s license.  “That’s my dream job.” Here are some more questions I asked him…

What has been your favorite moment as a Choirboy? Meeting new people and getting to know more people like me.  Going on tour.  It’s something not everyone can get to do.

What was your favorite activity on tour? Ultimate Frisbee.  I’m not good at offense, but I can shut people down in defense.

What was your favorite Choirboy event this year? Christmas with the Choirboys.  I like our Christmas season.

Have you ever sang Happy Birthday to yourself?  I did this year.  What was it like the first time?  My birthday passed without having to sing.  I was ok by not singing, but kept waiting to be called up to do it.  It took three weeks until when I did. I was glad I did it.

What is your favorite book? The Martian.

Is there a character from any book, game, or movie that you think about sometimes? Tin Tin because of my red hair.  Everyone at school calls me Tin Tin.  My dad looks like James Bond, a detective.  So I like to look like one too: Tin Tin.

What is something that worries you?  If my dad lost his job, it would mean everything would change.

Who inspires you?  My parents: my Dad because he’s a really hard worker and has taught me to do a lot of things, and my Mom, her music gifts, for how kind and respectful she is to everyone.  I want to be a mixture of them but I want to be my own person.

Tristan, it’s been a pleasure having you in the choir!

Tonight’s concert went very well, and the boys came back to the hotel for a late night swim.  All of them enjoyed being flung into the pool by Stewart and Camden.  After their showers, they’ll be resting for their day at Cedar Point tomorrow, and their last few days of tour.

Good night.


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