Good evening all you folks who love the opportunity to share in the fun and excitement of the LOLCB Mobile Unit!

We are now in Casper, WY! This morning we left around 8:00 after a wonderful night’s stay in Spanish Fork, UT. The host families were wonderful and one even baked cinnamon rolls and was kind enough to bring one for Charlie!

Today was all about continuing or getting back into the routine. There was a lot of bus time. Many games were played, books read, music listened to, poker played, and much more. We stopped in Rawlins, WY at Bolton Park to eat our lunches and play on the playground for a bit. Then, it was back on the bus to travel to Casper.

Aiden has been having some pain in his ear, so we stopped at an urgent care clinic to have it checked out. Sure enough…ear infection. Poor guy! He’s been in good spirits and hasn’t missed a performance.

We were a little late in arrive to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, but they had everything ready for us when we arrived. Pulled pork sandwiches, a few different pasta salads, vegetable salads, chips, lemonade, iced tea, brownies with ice cream and more. These boys sure do get spoiled when they travel!

Following dinner we rehearsed a bit in the church. I was talking with the boys during warm-ups about how, if they listen to the church, it will speak back to them and let them know what will work best in the space. I have always been a believer in the importance of using the breath when singing and allowing the sound to carry on that breath. This church definitely reminded the boys of the basics of tone production and the need to breathe out their sound. Once they paid close attention to allowing this to happen, the space filled with their sound. I asked if they noticed the difference, and they definitely did. Okay, enough of the technical stuff.

The performance was excellent and the boys were well-received. During the question and answer session the boys were able to answer questions about what their favorite some was, what they do outside of choir, if there are siblings in the choir, what they have learned most from being in the choir and more. I commented about how much they take care of each other. This group of graduates does an amazing job taking care of the younger boys. They make sure their ties are correct. If they are missing something, they work with them to try to find it. They are very encouraging and are great role models for the younger boys. I am very proud of them and so should their parents be.

We didn’t take many pictures today :(, but we were able to go Facebook Live during the second half of our concert. We hope you were able to tune in and watch. We are just four days from our homecoming! Help spread the word. The boys will arrive at St. Joseph the Worker in Maple Grove around 5:00 p.m. Their concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. We’d love to have a great crowd for their final concert of the season.

Now, to make up for our lack of photos today, here is the latest addition of the Jake and Sam Vlog, S1, E10…


To be continued…

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