Good evening all those of you who enjoy staying up late awaiting the latest from the LOLCB Mobile Unit.

Today was a good day. The boys were up, fed and on the bus by 7:30 a.m. We were ready to get out of the heat of Las Vegas. The A/C was roaring and we were ready to cruise. The boys had a lot of code green today as we had about an eight hour drive. We made our first stop for lunch in Beaver, UT where we enjoyed DQ. Their $5 Buck lunches are just right for these boys. Following lunch we had a great rest period. The boys slept for almost two hours.

We arrived in Spanish Fork, UT a bit early so we headed to the hotel where the staff would be staying so they could check in early. The boys changed into their travel uniforms and we were off to meet our host. Christine is a friend of Troy Jordan, one of our awesome choir dads. She was delightful. She greeted us at the church, showed us around and then led us to the pavilion for dinner.

Our host families had provided a potluck. The food was plentiful and delicious. The boys met their families first and then sat for dinner with them. There’s something different that happens when the boys meet their host families first. A connection is made and then, later during the concert, they have someone in the audience whom they know. It makes the concert feel different.

Following dinner, we headed back to the church to prepare for the concert. We had to be creative, logistically, due to the area from where the boys were singing. We spent about 10 minutes going over a new formation and the boys adapted brilliantly. We worked through a few sections of a few songs and then I told Tristan S., head chorister, if all the boys get their ties tied nicely, they could perform without sweater vests.

In the dressing room, they were determined to get their ties correct. Older boys were helping younger boys, Stewart was helping a few and I was helping as well. They looked sharp. During the question and answer session, one of the audience members even commented on how nice they looked. The boys performed very well. After the Les Miserables medley, the audience clapped and clapped.

Following the concert, the boys changed, took care of their tour jobs and were ready to go “home” with their host families. The cool breeze had settled in and the air was fresh. The boys departed and are now sleeping, or at least should be…

To be continued…


Remember, tomorrow evening we will go Facebook Live. We are looking at probably around 8:00 MDT (9:00 CDT). We will try to give you a good warning before we begin.

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