Good evening all you LOLCB fans and supporters!

This morning the Choirboys departed Mackinaw City and crossed over the 4 mile bridge to the U.P. We enjoyed a leisurely drive around Lake Huron with a stop off at Big Boys restaurant for some lunch. The staff there was elated to see us and the services was wonderful. We boarded the bus again, but first stopped as some neat wooden vehicles out in front of the restaurant. We thought about trading our bus in for the wooden one, but decided it would take us too long to return home.

Back on the road, we crossed into the central time zone, which is always a sign we’re getting closer to hour home destination.

After arriving in Wausau, WI, we checked into our hotel, placed the order for pizza, wings and breadsticks and the bus crew headed out to clean the bus one last time before our Saturday arrival in Rogers. Meanwhile, the other Choirboys organized their suitcases and re-hung their concert uniforms for inspection. This was their ticket to swim, if they so chose.

The pizza arrived and we enjoyed each other’s company on the back patio of the hotel. It’s so great to be able to have this one last gathering as a team of singers. The boys then headed back to their rooms to change into swimming suits and made their way to the pool. A few boys decided to stay in their rooms to watch some NBA playoff basketball.

We just finished distributing the mail for today and the boys are now all tucked in for the night. Tomorrow will be the earliest departure of the entire tour.

Thank you for following along during these past two weeks. It has been wonderful to see the boys grow as a group and as individuals. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity given the unusual nature of this past year.

Off to bed now.

Good night!



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