On day 13, which was yesterday, we made our arrival in Evansville, Indiana. This is the home of one of our choirboy’s grandparents. The boys unload at the bus and we were greeted with a wonderful home-cooked meal. Halloween dinner, the boys prepared for their concert. The boys performed very well learning themselves a standing ovation.  Following the concert there was a reception with cookies and ice cream. The boys left their host families and they were off for the night. (This is typically where I would insert pictures from our concert, however, I have forgotten the camera on the bus.)

Here is the vlog for last night.


This morning, the boys arrived back at the church, readied themselves for the church service and then enjoy the pizza and ice cream for lunch. Halloween lunch you’re off for a pool party. It was a beautiful day to be out in the sun and in the water.

During one of our breaks from swimming we had mail. I also took some time to interview Heaston, the last of our first year tour boys.

The boys took to the water again and some went out to play volleyball and ultimate frisbee. We are very grateful for the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Hall. We wrapped up our time with a dinner of fried chicken, Mac-n-cheese, baked beans, fruits, vegetables and salad. Then, it was back to the church to meet our host families.

We leave you this evening with one more episode for Jake and Braeden.

To be continued.

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