Good evening all your LOLCB fans and supporters!

Today we journeyed from Midland, MI to Mackinaw City, MI. The boys skipped the “grab-n-go” breakfast and we headed to a Bob Evans where we enjoyed a wonderfully, delicious breakfast of pancakes, French toast, omelets, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and more. After filling our bellies is was on the bus and off to Mackinaw City. We had hoped to stop for a bus wash today, but we ran into a rain storm and decided we’d skip the wash for now. We arrived in Mackinaw City a little earlier than check in at the hotel, so we headed to the shoreline of Lake Huron for a stroll and, of course, stopped to buy souvenirs and FUDGE!!!

We finally checked into the hotel where the Choirboys had some rest time and, those who went swimming in the lake, showered. We headed over to the church, St. Anthony Padua, where we were greeted by Sr. Chris. The boys got their tour jobs done and we rehearsed a bit. The wifi wasn’t the greatest, but Camden tried to get a live feed going. Sorry about that! The boys were well received by the audience who was very impressed by their singing, ability to harmonize well and memorize their music. At the end of several songs, the boys could hear audible gasps of awe! One audience member said the setting of Amazing Grace was one of the best she has ever heard.

Following the concert, the Choirboys changed into jeans and polo shirts and we headed over to Audie’s, a nearby restaurant. Each table of four was given a budget to use to purchase their meals. You can see Eddie using a calculator to be sure his group was not going over their limit.

The wait staff was very impressed by the boys’ manners and, while we were waiting for our meal, since no one else was in the restaurant, we sang a few songs for the staff. After having the chance to taste fried smelt, fried mushrooms and crab cakes, it was salads for almost all and then ribs, steak, sandwiches, fish, spaghetti, lasagna, perch and more. The boys had budgeted for dessert but the pantry staff had already gone home so we passed on this. They were somewhat disappointed, but the moved on quickly.

We took a walk to the shoreline again to spend some time reflecting on tour, our experience together and our friendships. We especially took time to think about our time with Alex as this is his last year of eligibility in the choir. Then, as I do each Saturday morning, I gave them two minutes of silence for themselves. It is always and amazing two minutes of no talking – just simply thinking. We stood by the shore, listening to the waves crash against the rocks with the Mackinac Bridge in the background. We stood there for nearly five minutes before walking the short path back to the hotel.

The Choirboys are all tucked into bed now. Tomorrow we head to Wisconsin for our final full day together. We will spend time readying the bus for our arrival home, having some pizza together and a little swimming. The boys are excited to get back home to see their families, their pets and their friends. They have each grown just a little during tour, as with every tour. They’ve learned a little bit more about themselves and what friendships are.

Check back in with us tomorrow to see how our day went.

Good night!

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