Good evening from Columbus, GA.

Caleb - goodbyeThe boys came from their host homes this morning, warm and well-loved.  St. James Episcopal really took good care of them.  It was another hot day in Florida; even the natives were saying it was too hot.  To help, Charlie parked the bus in the shade.  It was a wise move because today was a good day for the boys to switch seats with their our partners.  They had to spend a bit more time outside for that.  Switching seats is something we do around the middle of every tour.  It changes the scenery a bit for them.

William - letterToday Keegan Wagner was the Officer of the Day. He encouraged the boys with “If you have hope and faith you can do lots.” He selected “Hope” as the Word of the Day, and played “The Final Countdown” for his Song of the Day.  Stewart took some time to ask the gentlemen about their host homes.  Evan and Daniel stayed with two dogs, a parrot, and “a cat that looked like Grumpy Cat”.  The parrot was a favorite of theirs.  It liked to say “Good morning”, and “Want some coffee?”.  Our two jesters taught it to say “E-Luhman-ati” by the time they left this morning.  Caleb was at a host home that owned a plane, and  Cole got to drink astronaut drinks. Gus played pool, and Luke and Joey received personal chocolate muffins and kisses (not the Hersey’s kind).  Luke loved the kisses.  After host home stories, Stewart handed out letters.  Tristan C. and Roman led everyone in Bus Bingo until we got to a park in Sylvester, GA.

Sam A - huddleIt was a great place to eat the lunches packed by St. James’ parishioners. Although it was gnat-sty, the boys enjoyed the swings, a playground, and a huge green space for ultimate frisbee.  We were there for about an hour then started again for Columbus.

Joey - dinnerRest period lasted for a couple hours. The boys needed their rest.  Last night’s concert was great but, from the director’s perspective, they were below their normal level of energy.  Thus an extended rest period was very called for.

We arrived in Columbus at a brand new Best Western.  Dinner was at a local restaurant called B. Merrell’s.  The wait staff was excellent and let the boys sing after they ate.
IMG_0900We capped off the night with pool time. Stewart, Camden, Joseph, and I joined them.  Needless to say there were plenty of chicken fights, attempts to dunk the staff, and a conga line.  There were two little non-Choirboy gentlemen swimming with us as well.  They joined in some of the fun.

Tomorrow we travel to Birmingham AL, but stop by the National Civil War Naval Museum here in Columbus before our three hour trip.  They boys will not perform tomorrow.  They will meet their host families at All Saint Episcopal Church in Birmingham.

Thanks again for reading.  Goodnight.     

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