Good evening all you good people and fans of the Choirboys!

Today we had a late start! Since Las Vegas or Lost Wages was only a 4 hour drive from Ontario, CA, the boys were able to sleep in until 8:30 and then hangout in their rooms until 11:00 a.m. This gave our prefects a chance to finish up a few of the room’s laundry. We sure are lucky to have prefects who are willing to stay up until all hours of the night to take care of these boys. Due to the long break between host homes, the boys needed to have their clothing laundered. So, for the past three nights, our prefects have collected the boys’ dirty laundry and spent hours washing and drying their clothes.

On the road, the temperature started rising quickly.

As the temperature rose, our A/C could not keep up. After a bit we decided we needed a break. So we stopped off in a little town and picked up some DQ Dilly Bars. We ate the ice cream bars in the little bit of shade provided by the building, but the heat was close to unbearable.

Back on the road, we continued watch Paul Blart Mall Cop, which won more votes than Night at the Museum and the ever-present Nacho Libre.

We arrived at our hotel around 4:30, dashed to our rooms to change into our nicer clothes, scampered down to the lobby, re-boarded the bus and drove to the Luxor. We entered and the boys were mesmerized by all the lights. We went through a portion of the casino to get access to the Shoppes at Mandalay Place where we had reservations at the Burger Bar, owned by the famous chef Hubert Keller. The boys enjoyed some very delicious burgers and fries and then, we were off to what, I think, has become the highlight of the tour – Blue Man Group!

Pictures were not allowed during the show, but we snapped these before and after. The music was loud and pounding, the humor was simply delightful and the toilet paper was aplenty! After the show we walked to the bus via a little bit of the strip. It was still very hot out, even at 9:00 at night.

Charlie drove us down a bit of Las Vegas Blvd. where we saw all the lights and famous casinos and hotels like the Flamingo, the Bellagio, Trump Tower, Caesar’s Palace and more. The fountains in front of the Bellagio were performing the light and water show and there were hundreds of people gathered to take in the sights.

Finally, we arrived back at the hotel, the boys have all showered and are now asleep in their rooms. We have an early departure tomorrow as we head to Spanish Fork, UT for a concert. We also lose an hour as we get a little closer to home.

Reminder: we will go Facebook Live for the concert in Casper, WY on Sunday. Watch our Facebook page for the specifics.

To be continued…


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