Today was a good day.  All the boys were safely transported to Our Lady of Mercy for their departure from Merrimack.  The first stop on our way to Kennebunk, ME was Harvard College. The boys were scheduled to tour the Ivy League college in Cambridge late this morning. We arrived in Cambridge in great time, giving Camden, Aaron, and Charlie ample opportunity to navigate another complicated system of streets.  You definitely could tell we were approaching Harvard.  Historic looking brick buildings started to appear more often and you could see Crew teams practicing on the waterways beside us.  Yes, you could definitely tell you were approaching an Ivy League community…IF you were looking.  Most of the boys were engrossed in their morning dose of Mario Cart and Pokémon; however, there were some who noticed the significant scenery change.

We met our tour guide Sam in Harvard Yard. Stewart did a count-off, and Sam was already impressed. She said “I’ve seen a lot of groups do that before, and your group is the most efficient.”  Sam was very articulate and very smart.  She took us to several buildings on campus, and with each one she gave very interesting facts and stories.  The boys really enjoyed her tour.  They liked how well she described everything.  “I could see things in my head when she explained them,” one boy told me after the tour.  Amidst Matthew Hall, Massachusetts Hall, the Science Center, and Memorial Hall, the boys loved Memorial Hall.  This was a massive building that featured a dining room Sam described as a “Harry Potter-style hall”.  We didn’t get to see it but the boys’ imaginations were peaked.  The sheer size of the foyer of Memorial Hall was impressive.  On either side were high stained glass windows, and dark wood covered the walls and ceiling.  Aaron took the opportunity to let the boys sing in it.

Sam led us through a Common area with over-sized chess, yard jenga, and food trucks, and ended our tour at the Statue of Three Lies. This was said to be the statue of the college’s namesake John Harvard, but it turns out they didn’t really know what he looked like so instead they used a guy named Leonard to model for the statue’s sculptor.  Sam explained the other two lies, and said there was actually for fourth as well.  Overall, Sam was a hit with the boys.  They really enjoyed the Harvard tour, and were surprised it was so entertaining and informative.

It didn’t take long for us to get to Kennebunk today.  With a freshly washed bus, we arrived at Holy Cross Lutheran church just in time for dinner. The food was summer-like and delicious: corn on the cob, salad with fresh red tomatoes, and baked chicken breasts.

Tonight’s concert went really well, too.  Our gentlemen nailed their songs, complete with smiling faces. The audience was a vocal one, it felt like they responded to every nuance of music with astonishment and joy.  The Q&A time always presents interesting questions from the audience.  One question tonight was “Who’s got the best dab?” Once the boys realized the question they were quick to show everyone who dabs the best.  Another question we’ll probably never hear again was “Does the bus driver sing?”

Like I said tonight’s concert went really well, and the boys knew it. They left with their host families in high spirits.  I predict it’ll be another great day tomorrow when we go to the beach.

Good night.



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