Good evening all those who have been following our journey to the west coast!

Today was a busy day. We started off with a great breakfast here at the Best Western in Miramar. The boys lined up to make their own waffles, eat scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, pastries and more. The eating area is rather small so the boys carried their things back to their rooms.

After breakfast we headed for the world famous San Diego Zoo. Charlie delivered the boys right to the front and dropped us all off. He ended up parking the bus clear in the back of the parking lot. The boys don’t know how good they’ve got it having Charlie as their bus driver. He’s makes a lot of sacrifices for them. Not only time away from his business, but time sitting on a hot bus waiting for them to finish their adventure for the day. This day, however, Charlie was able to come into the zoo with us. That is always a treat.

We split the boys into five groups and off we went in separate directions. The San Diego Zoo is massive! There are so many things, plants, animals, etc. to see. Some of the groups chose to hop on the Guided Tour Bus right away to get a flavor for the zoo and then determine what route they wanted to take the rest of the time. The boys spent time seeing the  insects, reptiles, elephants, birds of all types, lions, koalas, tigers, bears, jaguars, hippos, rhinos, etc. Several of the groups took the tram ride from one end of the park to the other. From high above the zoo you can see all the happenings below as well as the beautiful San Diego skyline. It is definitely worth bringing your family to see. I hope to bring my family some day.

We spent about three hours exploring and discovering before departing for lunch. Today we ate at IHOP or IHOB or whatever they call it now (marketing nightmare is what I call it). Anyhoo, there was one waitress and one cook on duty when we arrived. I walked in first, as I typically do, to let them know we had a group of 31 and then explained how we work things on our end. She laughed, like she didn’t take me seriously. Then she said, “noooooo” with a laugh and a smile. The boys entered the restaurant quietly and took their seats. Then began the menu distribution and ordering of beverages. There were lots of ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’ handed out during our entire meal. The boys ate up breakfast meals, burgers, unlimited fries, pancakes and so much more.

As I was paying the bill, the waitress told me this was probably the most well-behaved group she has ever had in the restaurant. She told me about a youth basketball team that had come in the week before. Those boys were running all over, shooting straw wrappers at each other, being very loud and offering no ‘pleases’ or ‘thank yous’. In fact, one of the team members bumped into her and knocked an entire tray of food on out of her hands. I must admit, our boys are pretty extraordinary.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel (it was pretty much across the street). There we changed into our swimming gear and headed over to La Jolla Beach! The day had been mostly sunny while we were at the zoo but became rather cloudy and cool as we landed on the fine sands of the beach. Those overcast skies are called June Gloom here in San Diego. It happens in the mornings and in the early evening. The temp was right around 64 deg. as we hit the water. Many of you joined us on Facebook as we streamed from the beach. You saw how we run things at the ocean and saw how cold it might have looked. It really was that cold. The water temp was right around 67 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrr!

After drying off a bit and spraying the sand off our feet we boarded the bus to return to the hotel. We ordered in pizza and the boys are now in bed. We have an early morning tomorrow needing to be on the road by 7:30 a.m. as we journey through Los Angeles traffic to get to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.

Have a lovely night! We’ll chat again tomorrow.

To be continued…

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