Good evening all your wonderful fans and supports of the Choirboys!

Today, as you already guessed, was day 10. Just a few more days and we will back in front of our families and friends sharing our gift of song. The pandemic has sure made things interesting and being on tour during a pandemic is not any different. We have encountered several different COVID-19 protocols from State to State and even city to city. The Choirboys have done a wonderful job adapting to the current situation and making the best of it.

This morning we were awakened and headed down for breakfast where we learned that everything had to be requested to one worker who would then get the food items and hand them to the patron. Although it took longer than we had hoped, we still managed to be on the road on time and headed East toward the big city of Cleveland. Once we arrived at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we put on our wrist bands and headed in for view of what was waiting. We so many items and clothing from all of our favorite artists from Elvis to Lady Gaga. It was quite a site to see. They even had a video about the NFL Halftime Show and how it is produced. It was very interesting.

We had the boys partner up and explore the exhibits on their own giving them a rendezvous point and a time to meet back. We are happy to report not a single boy was late. We headed up to the third floor to take in a movie all about the inductees.

After raiding the gift store we walked a few blocks to the bus and then headed back to Port Clinton. Our plan for today had included our “fancy” dinner. However, our first, second and third choices were not able to accommodate us. The Officers sprung into action and decided we would do Golden Corral for lunch and have McDonald’s for dinner (our first McDonald’s all of tour). The Choirboys devoured the food from the buffet. Stuffed and tired, we made our way back to the hotel. The Choirboys and staff rested in their rooms for a bit before dividing up according to who wanted to swim and who wanted to play ultimate.

We are currently having issues uploading photos so we’ll have to post some at a later time.

The Choirboys are all tucked in bed and sleeping. We’ll have a relaxed morning before heading to Michigan.

Good night, all!






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