The Choirboys all gathered this morning with family for a wonderful kick-off breakfast with donuts, egg bakes, sausage, fruits, muffins and more. This tradition started just a few years ago and it has become a great way to gather the families as we say our goodbyes.


The Choirboys all readied for the final photos before offering bear hugs to their moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and I think I even saw a few siblings get hugs. They boarded the bus and settled in to their seats as the bus pulled away. Lots of waving and, of course, the Leibig Lurch or Leap or whatever you might call it, began. This is the tradition of the Leibig’s attempting to outrun the bus as it heads down Main Street (the bus won, again;))


We spent a little time going over the rules of the bus and then the boys were able to change into their play clothes for the day. We were off to a great start, until…the smell of rubber permeated the bus. A few passing drivers waved us down and off to the side of the road we went. Camden and Charlie headed out and to the back of the bus only to find we had blown out one of the drive axle tires. Did you know the bus has 8 tires?


Charlie got us to the next exit, Elko, and I started Googling tire shops nearby. I called a few and we were referred to a place right at the exit where we were. Charlie pulled the bus into the parking lot. This shop did not service large vehicles. They referred us to a bus company who then referred us to ABC Companies in Faribault. I contact the shop there and they were able to get us right in. We made the 24 mile trek to Faribault and, sure enough, Levi was there waiting for us. He got the bus right into the bay and started his evaluation. He was able to find a tire in his shop that would work for our motor coach and he spent the next 2 hours replacing the tire. He wanted to help us as much as he can and he worked right through his lunch to get us back on the road. Meanwhile, the choirboys ate their lunches and then headed down a few blocks to a grassy area to play tag and ultimate Frisbee.


When the bus was finished, the Choirboys boarded. Out of the building came two office workers. They had run to the store and bought the boys popsicles and juice boxes. They were very gracious and wanted us to check back in as we traveled so they knew tour was going well. Tomorrow, we will have the Choirboys sign a thank you card and we will send it to ABC Companies.


Back on the road, Grant helped navigate our way to Knoxville, Iowa for our first tour stop. We were greeted by some of the community members who had dinner all prepared and ready for us. The Choirboys unloaded the bus and sat down for a dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, cheesy hash browns, fruit, chips and lemonade. We were about 1.5 hours behind schedule so the Choirboys had to inhale their dinner and get into the sanctuary for a short rehearsal. Braeden lead the Choirboys in warm ups and we rehearsed a few songs and logistics. With just 25 minutes to spare, they were off to the dressing room to transform into their concert uniforms. They boys all did a great job of focusing and staying on task knowing their audience was waiting. We lined up and were off for our first of 11 performances.


The concert started a little shaky, but the Choirboys soon settled in to a good performance. The audience was very appreciative of the skill and musicianship of the boys and, even more so, their poise, stage presence and their manners. During the second half of the concert we invite the audience to ask questions of the boys. This has become one of the favorite parts of a concert for the Choirboys. The boys fielded questions like pros. We concluded our concert and received a standing ovation. The boys had to bow three times. The audience wouldn’t stop clapping until the boys left the stage.


Following the concert, the boys enjoyed brownies and bars with lemonade and juice. The met their host families and were off for the night. Sweet dreams, boys!


Well, I cannot conclude without notifying all the fans out there that the vlog will go on even in the absence of Sam Anderson. Jake, Braeden and Louis will offer us the almost daily tour vlogs. Here is the first installment…

To be continued…

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