Today was full of adventure. We all got to sleep-in a bit this morning, and didn’t meet at the bus until mid morning.  As soon as everyone was ready we headed to the beach.  We passed through the historic streets of Kennebunk to the shoreline of the Atlantic.  Upon arrival the staff wasn’t sure if the boys would want to swim in the overcast and slightly chilly weather.  He was made aware of the water’s temperature by the locals, but when Stewart stepped in for a test, he knew the boys may not want to stay too long.  All it took was Joseph running face first into the frigid waves for the boys to be convinced they could do it as well.  Cut to two hours later, and the boys were laughing, swimming, playing frisbee, and making sand castles.  The shores of Maine also gave them unique finds such as crab skeletons, live clams, and flat rocks perfect for skipping.  At the very end when most were shivering and smiling, one boy exclaimed “We’ll have a lot to talk about today.  It was cold but it was fun”.

After lunch on the beach we took a “Sunday” drive through the Lower Village of Kennebunk to see the summer home of the 41st President George H. W. Bush; then we made our way to Parsons Field for an afternoon of fun.  The sun made its appearance by the time we arrived in the city park. The boys enjoyed all of the park’s amenities. In the playground boys played tag and swung on the swing set.  A game of Ultimate Frisbee took place in a field kitty-corner of the playground. All the boys played so well together; the older boys did an extraordinary job including the younger ones. There’s always a few boys who aren’t as athletic as the others.  As gentlemen do, the ones gifted in sports still gave the more clumsy ones plenty of chances to be the star while they played.  During the final game of Ultimate, the pressure was on.  All were trying really hard to win.  The last play was a throw to the end zone to a boy who, let’s say, has less physical prowess than the others. He reached for it, fumbled it a bit, and then grabbed it for the winning point.  It felt like a “Rudy” moment.

To end the afternoon in Parsons Field, the boys played a fun game of kickball.  As passionate boys do, they started the game getting after the less-experienced ones for not knowing the game well enough; however, through some encouragement of the staff, they learned to teach each other with patience and understanding.  But sometimes the staff doesn’t have to coax the boys to do the right thing.  Throughout the game they took turns pitching, which can sometimes be a source of contention for those who want the spotlight.  There was no bickering about who pitched the next inning.

We headed to the neighboring town of York for dinner, but made a pitstop at Nubble Lighthouse on York Beach. The boys got a chance to see the lighthouse on its island.  They also took a moment to sing for the locals, and shop before dinner.


Dinner was at Lobster Cove.  Aaron had called ahead, and when we got there the wait staff had everything ready of us on the patio overlooking the beach.  The boys were so excited for this dinner; they knew lobster was on the menu.  We had several first-time lobster eaters who learned to split the tail of the bright red crustacean from its body, and pry the succulent salty meat from its limbs and torso.  It was a messy but completely satisfying meal.  And to top off their experience the boys gratefully sang for the wait staff and patrons of the eatery. Everyone had a great evening.

Today was another “boys” day, and the adventure continues tomorrow when they head to Auburn NY for their concert at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  They’ll be live on Facebook at 7:30pm Central, broadcasting a portion of their concert.

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Good night.




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