“Whale!” Day 4, June 15th


Today was the day we traveled across Manitoba to Thunder Bay, Ontario: 708 kilometers (or 440 miles for those of you down south in “The States”).  The boys were entertained throughout the whole trip.  Again, most were on their devices while others found means to play “unplugged”.  The staff got to hear about their hosts in sound bites:

  • “our host family had a humongous flashlight”
  • “we got to go to Dairy Queen”
  • “our hosts gave us two hat pins”
  • “our host home told us how to use every appliance in the house”
  • “we got a mist shower”
  • “…had a lot of [animal] skulls”
  • “they also brang us to Starbucks this morning”
  • “we got to take a fun shower, when you turned the faucet on, it blew off the wall”
  • “we got to stay in a condo, they gave us lunch bags with superheroes”

They LOVE to tell us about the cool things they encounter with their hosts, but sometimes they don’t tell us EVERYTHING.  Today, Aaron got an email from the host of Caleb and Thomas.  After he read the email privately, he felt he needed to call the two boys up to the front of the bus.  Of course when Aaron calls you to the front of the bus, you know he has something to say to you…and it may not be good. When the boys got to the front, Aaron looked at them sternly and asked if there was anything they needed to tell him about last night’s home stay.  Their eyes grew huge as they searched their brains for anything they could’ve missed. They could think of nothing.  When the suspense was at its highest, Aaron began to read, “We hosted Caleb and Thomas last night in Winnipeg…”.  He stopped to let them soak in the moment.  “…and were very impressed with them in every way…”.  I watched as the boys’ countenance changed from concern to glad relief. Tickled by Aaron’s prank, they laughed with us as they went back to their games.

It was getting close to lunch time.  The boys were playing.  Some were sleeping, including some of the staff.  And some were relaxing in their seats, taking in the beautiful terrain of Ontario.  The bus was quietly bustling when some yelled “Whale!”.  We all quickly went to the window to see the animal, and found it was only a rock protruding from the lake’s surface.  I think I was the most surprised.

Every day the boys get mail, and they are always so happy to get a letter or a card.  Some of them even get emails.   One of the boys recieved a card that had this joke on the back,

“How do you know there’s a soprano at your door? They can’t find the key and they never know when to come in.”  



So, every day they receive mail, play bus Trivia, and listen to the Song of the Day, but on this trip I just discovered there’s another thing they do every day: “Pillow-tionary“. Click on the link to download the video.

After lunch at a park on Jackfish Lake, the boys had a long, much-needed rest period.  The bus was so quiet this afternoon.  At least an hour later, they awoke to watch the ending of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  We had crossed into the Eastern Time Zone, and arrived in Thunder Bay around 6pm.



There was no concert tonight so we ordered pizza, read a story and the blog, and celebrated Henry’s birthday.  Tomorrow we’ll take the boys hiking, and perform for the good people of St. Andrews Presbyterian here in Thunder Bay.



When we were almost finished with our 8 hour trip, I took some time to interview the 3rd “first year” boy on my list.  Let me introduce to you Mr. Josiah Mlodzik. He is 10 yrs old, and will be turning the big One-One on June 28th.  Another birthday on tour!  Wow! I asked him what he thought of tour so far, and he’s said it’s been awesome.  He knew there was going to be singing, driving, and host homes, but he was pleased to find out they made lunches for him as well.  I asked him what part of tour he’s looking forward to the most.  He said “Niagara Falls”.

Let’s get to know Josiah a bit more…

What do you want to be when you grow up?  “I would love to be a composer…because I love to sing.”

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?   “Invincibility, because I could live forever and sing a lot.”

If you had three wishes, what would they be?  “To be invincible, be able to create songs faster, have a huge swimming pool.”


If you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would it be?  “I’d be the President for a day.”

If you could time-travel, where and when would you go?   “I would love to go to the past to the Bible times and see Jesus, in Israel…or further to Moses’ time.”

Great to get to know you more, Josiah.  It’s an honor having you with us on tour.  Have fun!


Before I leave you tonight, I wanted to ask on behalf of the boys for your support.  Check out this link to Give MN, and read about the recent project you can help through your financial gifts: https://www.givemn.org/project/tour-supporters5930617f42d52

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