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Our intrepid team chronicles the plight of our brave choir boys as they travel hither and yon experiencing life on the road – and having a blast!

2016 Tour Approaches!

We depart June 13th! Look for more details here on the LOLCB Tour Blog!

Here’s the packing list.

Buy Some Apples

Breakfast-IMG_5584This morning we all woke up and had breakfast with Minerva, and were off to shop at Wall Drug.  The boys didn’t get a chance to shop at Mount Rushmore so they were excited to do their final shopping trip in the famous South Dakota town.

On-Bus-IMG_5597During the hour long trip, we all listened to a few Songs of the Day.  Thor requested the lively tune “Listen to the Music” by the Doobie Brothers.  The energy was continued into the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, requested by Alex. Finally, the boys ABSOLUTELY LOVED the “Smile Song” from Brony culture requested by Micah.  See Facebook for more details.

Nick Burnett-Carlisle was the Officer of the Day.  His Words of Wisdom were “Treat others as you would be treated”; “considerate-ness” was his creative Word of the Day.

Knife-IMG_5656Shopping went by pretty quickly at Wall Drug.  The boys used up their spending money on things like pseudo-gem rings, hat pins, water timers, and switch-combs.  You know, a switch-comb!  Evan was very fond of it, and used to persuade everyone to “Buy some apples”.  Shopping at Wall Drug ended, and we began our trip to Souix Falls.

On the trip boys liked to come up and tell us stories or jokes.  I liked this one: “A man woke up on an island.  He noticed the trees were red.  The sand was red.  The coconuts were red.  Even the sky was red.  Soon he noticed he too was turning RED.  He quickly realized that he had been marooned.”  Ha!  Gotta love it.

Lunch-IMG_5612Tonight the boys ate with the Singing Boys of Souix Falls.  They even got to sing for each other in the concert.  Both choirs sounded great.  Our boys performed very well.  They got enough rest the night before and sang their hearts out tonight.  Several of the attendees specifically used the word “exquisite” to describe what they heard tonight.

In-Church-IMG_5607Tomorrow you all will hear this exquisite sound from the boys.  I hope everyone who reads this blog will be able to attend.  The boys are now starting to talk about going home, and everyone is ready to back in their beds for the rest of the summer. Wish us a safe and happy trip home tomorrow.  Until then…


That is Cool for Literally Five Minutes

Breakfast-IMG_5397This tour has been a tour of extreme temperatures.  We experienced record-high heat while driving through Utah, and summer’s chill next to a Glacier in Alaska.  The heat followed us wherever we went on the itinerary…until this morning.  The boys arrived to load the bus in moderate weather; the previous evening produced some showers which lowered the humidity and temperature to a somewhat comfortable status.  It was nice for a change.

By-Bus-IMG_5399Host families were outside and inside of St John’s Lutheran, either watching over the boys or preparing their breakfast.  (They all were served breakfast at the church, a deliciously savory batch of egg bake made with McDonald’s sausage.) I was told by Dillon’s host dad that he got pretty attached the family’s Yorkie.  I sure it was hard to not stowaway that adorable yipper in his suitcase.  Some boys went out for breakfast at Belfield’s Trapper’s Kettle, famous for its “zoo” of animal trophies.

Our contact Ruth gave an insightful preamble about her son William’s own experience with the Land of Lakes Choirboys and then the boys enjoyed their breakfast.  The meal concluded.  Tables were cleaned. The bus was packed and ready for departure.  The boys waved goodbye to their host families and we were off to Rapid City SD. Aaron gave a brief review of last night’s concert, and quoted a favorable comment about Donovan. “I could listen to him all the time”.  Dono’s got a fan club.

On-Bus-IMG_5404As is the routine of the Land of Lakes Choirboys, we had to catch up on Songs of the Day.  Today’s selections were “Sonantino” by Clementi (requested by Joey) and “Demons” by Imagine Dragons (requested by Braeden).  Alex Hansen was Officer of the Day today.  His Word of the Day was “Respect”, and his thought-provoking Words of Wisdom were “It takes two to fight”.  The bus ride wasn’t too long today yet the boys still made the most of it.  Time’s Up, Gobblet Junior, and Heads Up were the popular games.

Eaten-by-Whale-IMG_5459We arrived in Rapid City around 2:30pm, and the boys got settled into their rooms.  It was time for some pool action.  The Best Western Ramkota is a large hotel with added space for conferences and reunions.  Through its large maze of hallways, the boys discovered there were two swimming options: an Swimming-IMG_5420indoor water park and an Olympic-size pool.  Both were amazing.  Obviously the boys explored the water park first.  It had two water slides, a pirate ship, water cannons, and plenty of miscellaneous play things.  I was in the other pool when boys started walking in; the novelty of the park must have worn off.  Stewart followed shortly after, and joined them in the fun.

dinner-IMG_5454Dinner time came soon enough and it wasn’t a far trip to take.  We ate at Minerva’s Restaurant, an establishment within the hotel.  The boys were given a “budget” for each of their entrees and some were so frugal they got 3 appetizers to fit that amount.  That’s smart!  The restaurant had a lot of variety.  A group of boys tasted wasabi for the first time.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a drop of water left in their glasses.  In appreciation for Minerva’s great and hospitable wait staff the boys sang “All Ye Who Music Love” as they exited the restaurant.  They made some fans out of some dining bystanders.  “Too bad they weren’t singing in Rapid City tonight.  They sound like angels.”

Rushmore-IMG_5507It was 40 years ago when the Land of Lakes Choirboys first set out to tour the country.  It was LOLCB’s first tour that brought them to Mount Rushmore, and now in 2015 the Choirboys returned to witness again its breath-taking spectacle.  They walked the Avenue of Flags in awe of the four presidents in front of them.  Even though one boy said, “that [Mount Rushmore] is cool for literally five minutes”, they still took plenty of pictures, and proudly posed for a couple as well.  The evening show started around 9pm.  Through narrative and film, the emcee told the story of our nation’s great monument.  At the end of the presentation he invited all those who served in the military to come on stage and join him in lowering the flag.  The boys were so proud to see their very own bus driver, Charlie, go on stage to participate.  Having made most of our time with George, Tom, Teddy, and Abe, we returned to the hotel.

Their last on-the-road performance happens tomorrow evening in Souix Falls.  The staff can tell the boys are already better rested for this one. They’ll meet the Singing Boys of Souix Falls, and spend time chatting about boy choir stuff over dinner.  Not one has mentioned anything about home yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear more the closer we get to the barn. 😉