Hello from Thief River Falls…

We’re all finished with the 1st day of the Land of Lakes Choirboys Tour of 2017.  This is LOLCB’s 41st tour!  40-some years of practicing and living “Music Respect Honor” on the road!  And now a new group of boys carry on the history of gentlemanly conduct for 17 more days.

After their breakfast and bye-byes with their families, they were introduced to the in’s and out’s of tour.  The first year boys needed to hear what the veteran boys had already known from tours past, like the expectations for daily journals, Officer of the Day, and bathroom usage.  It was also good to be reminded that they are going to be challenged and needed to stay positive while on the road.  Sometimes it’s hard but well worth it: boys come back as changed individuals.

After the brief tour orientation and staff introductions the boys were able to chill out for the morning ride.  Most of them  immediately went to their video games, and some returned to games they played in past tours: Dungeons & Dragons and Coup.  Others enjoyed a solid nap or a good book.

We stopped in Detroit Lakes for lunch.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL: sunny and not too hot.  While some staff went to Subway for their lunches, Camden led the boys to a nearby park.  They enjoyed their home-made meals, and had plenty of time to play.  We didn’t have to have be in Thief River Falls until later that afternoon. Games of Ultimate Frisbee and tag started while others engaged themselves in a casual game of Improv in an amphitheater on the premises.

After awhile, Stewart gathered the boys at the amphitheater where Aaron led them in a refresher rehearsal before the evening’s concert.  Stewart handed out birthday treats to celebrate Steven Jordan’s birthday.  When they were all finished, they practiced their first count-off of the tour a few times, then headed to the bus.

We arrived in Thief River Falls in great time (Thanks to the teamwork of Camden and Charlie). This stop started the routine they’d be in for the next 18 days.  The boys went right to their tour jobs, then to rehearsal and dinner.  Dinner was delicious, but some new boys found out how hard it is finish a plate of salad before they get their main dish.  As is the tradition of the Land of Lakes Choirboys, the first thing you eat at a meal is always salad.  For some that’s a tradition they have a hard time swallowing if they aren’t necessarily keen on leafy greens. 😉

Tonight’s concert went very well.  Aaron was proud of how good they sounded, and is excited to hear how they’ll be throughout tour.  Just wait until the 29th when YOU get to hear them after a full tour!  You’ll be very happy.  They showcased their hard work very well tonight.

Every tour concert  has an element in it when Aaron asks the audience questions about the boys and the program.  Tonight a dozen kids the same ages as the boys were sitting in the front two rows, and one of them started the Q&A time with “Do they get to have fun?”  Why yes, they do get to have fun…lots of it.  Many questions came out after that, and the boys and Aaron enjoyed answering all of them.

To close the evening, the boys were served jello and cookies before they went home with their hosts.  Tomorrow they travel into Canada where poutine and Timmies flow like honey.

Good night.



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