Day 7, June 19

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  We have three on tour with us.

Ethan - busThe boys didn’t have host families last night so they stayed in the hotel with the staff. When they have hotel stays after concerts the evenings get late. So when we checked them in they were sent straight to bed.  They had to get up early as well; to sing at two church services.  Braeden wasn’t happy with it at breakfast, “Why are we up so early? Tell Camden to get a snooze button.”

On the ride to the church, Roman got time on the mic as Officer of the Day. After his weather man duties, he gave his Quote of the Day: “Do or do not; there is no try.” His Word of the Day was “Animation”, and chose “Here Comes the Sun” as his Song of the Day.

10-45 service - sanctuaryWesley United Methodist has about five Sunday services. The boys sang at their 9:00am and 10:45am services. For the first service they sang a four-song Prelude.  Between services Aaron a chance to rehearse them for an hour. It was good to spend focused time on problem spots in their songs. I gotta say the boys sounded great this morning. Aaron mentioned that he’s noticed through his hundred years of experience that some choirs are morning choirs and some are better in the evening. This choir is a morning choir. You could tell at the services. Their sound was better blended and their energy was at its highest…except for the occasional “yawners”.  For the second service their songs were divided between the Prelude and the Offertory. They got to sit through a Methodist-style service which some of them had never experienced.

Jack, Keegan, Gus, Roman - singing 10-45amThe people of WUM were very appreciative after both services.  One lady greeted me with a choral conductor’s question, “how do YOU cut off an ‘s’?”  I came to find out she was a retired vocal music teacher from North Carolina, and very complimentary of the boys.  Another lady soon interjected in our conversation, “I had never heard a boy choir before”.  Also, Aaron chatted with the president of a local college.  The gentleman used to be in the military, and his comments “reinforced the importance of our program”, said Aaron.

Dono - mid kickThe service ended around 12pm, and the boys were hungry. The church prepared some lunches for us, and we found a municipal park on the island not too far away.  When we arrived, Stewart noticed a baseball field.  He immediately grabbed a soccer ball, hoping to start a game of kick ball after lunch.  Chris organized the game.  The Chicken Wangs and Wonton Soup engaged in a friendly competition of kickball skill. Evan and Alex called the game, with Evan serving as color commentator.  Up in the tower behind home plate, they attracted a gang of hecklers.  Together they nicknamed several of the players: Cole Miner, Loui Armstrong, Nick-olas Cage, Roman Empire, Reece-pect, Dan-iamond, Sir Isaac Newton, Alex-ir, Will.I.Am, Do-na-veen, Jo-jo Fry, Fos-zy Bear, Vander Heyden Horse, Concussion Rifle, Christian Tristiaansen, E-Luhmanati, Ethan-ol, Crop Gus-ter, and Lizard Boy.  Wonton Soup were the victors, and Stewart had the boys shake hands.  For some boys this was the first time they experienced a “good game” line.

Sam G, Luke - up to batThey all kicked the dust off their feet and returned to the bus; The Chicken WangsWonton Soup, and the heckler gang needed to continue their journey to Cocoa Beach.  They wrote in their journals and completed letters to parents and family.  Rest period was much, and lasted until we crossed the Florida state line.  It was pouring rain outside with 18mph winds.  Unaffected by the weather, the rejuvenated boys started to sing “It’s raining, it’s pouring.  The old man is snoring”.  Luke - bus

Charlie and Camden got us to Cocoa Beach around 6:30pm.  Dinner was at a nearby restaurant called Backwoods Steakhouse.  Soon after the wait staff served drinks and took entree orders, they found out the boys weren’t a baseball team.  They found they were serving a boy choir.  The assisting manager made sure the boys knew they needed to “sing for their food”.  Aaron and the boys happily obliged.  Their sound filled the restaurant as they sang “Saints Bound for Glory”.  Dinner was great and filling.Group - before dinner

To cap off the night, Stewart led the boys to the beach, breezy and moonlit.  This was an exhilarating experience for the boys who hadn’t been to the ocean before.  The wind was strong.  The waves were crashing against the shore.  They were all happy!

Tomorrow brings beach time in the sunshine and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.  We’ll be sure to lather them up with sunscreen and make sure they buy their family great souvenirs.  :0)


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  1. Grandma Marian Rud
    Grandma Marian Rud says:

    The Rud family miss Ethan like I am assuming all of the boys and dads families missed them at family Father’s Day gatherings. Enjoy Florida and all it has to offer
    Enjoy. Sing pretty. Stay safe. Make great memories


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