Aloha from beautiful Timber Bay!

Another good day came and went. Our morning started a little rough. Evening rain had knocked-out the power during the night and I woke to our Head Chef Lisa shining a flashlight in my face and telling me we’d need to manually dump water in our toilets to make them flush. WELL, GOOD MORNING TO YOU TOO!

Just teasing…while that really did happen, this is not a new drill for our crew. About every third year or so we lose power at some point. It is what it is. The kitchen staff already had a backup meal of cereal, oranges and bread ready to go. Just about the time we started making our rounds to wake-up the campers and share the news with them, the power was restored and so were our plans for the day. Crisis averted and JUST in time to still ensure our previously planned bacon had enough time to cook to its brown perfection. Just in case I have not made this clear enough, we are blessed to have this fantastic crew in the kitchen. They work tirelessly all day long, ensure your boys are fed until they can’t eat anymore, and work for leftover French toast when it’s all said and done. We’re very thankful for your time spent for these boys each year.



In addition to our power struggles, we also had a rain issue. Intermittent showers have been the theme of the first two days. Not enough to be a complete rain-out, but just enough to dictate your entire schedule and ensure your feet are in a constant state of permamoist. The King of the Raft Tournament was scheduled for the early afternoon but we made the call to push it to Saturday afternoon when the sun would be shining a little brighter. Stewart was happy because it meant there were a few more days for me to twist an ankle or something and withdraw from the tournament. Not gonna happen, Stewy.

To help pass the rainy morning activity session we busted-out the karaoke machine and belted some tunes out to the deer and the birds in the Onamia region. The boys seem to have a good time. For the most part the requests stick to Disney themes but on occasion some Steve Perry and The Righteous Brothers made appearances. A good time was had by all.



Musically, the boys really seem to be enjoying themselves. I was able to watch before lunch as Aaron went around the room and had each of the Concert Choirboys talk about the difficulties and challenges associated with being in that choir. These boys really work hard and push themselves to fantastic places with their determination and effort. It’s a good thing to see them learn at such a young age.

Lunch was the ever-popular taco day. Kinda messy, but oh so worth it.

After an afternoon rest period, the clouds gave us a little reprieve and we had some time for Gaga Ball and other games before it was back in for the afternoon rehearsal session. During the afternoon the boys also took a few minutes to build their own pizza. We ate their creations for dinner that evening. Two boys received “swirlies” for getting three or more letters. We love when this happens, and so do the boys. (Don’t worry mothers…we flushed it twice before we gave the swirly to make sure it was clean.)



By the end of dinner, the camp was fully saturated from the previous 48 hours of rain, but the sun was shining. As we say in the Camp world, “Suns out, BB Guns Out”. It was pretty much perfect the rest of the night and we took full advantage of it.  For evening program, the boys were tasked with team building exercises with their cabin. The reward for finishing the challenges was a big ol’ bag of s’mores for your crew. Everyone finished and we celebrated “National S’mores Day” in style.

Despite the power being out and the rain influencing parts of the day, it was a very
good time. More to come Friday!


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