Today, we find our super singers rising early, early in the morning. Many of the boys were treated to breakfast at McDonald’s (I mean who even cooks this early in the morning) and arrived at the KCBC Headquarters ready to load the bus and go back to sleep. Actually, the boy were really awake this morning. They were very gracious to their hosts for all they did for them. One group of boys helped take out the trash at their host’s home. Way to lend a hand, gentlemen!

Mr. Robinson and the KCBC Family welcomed us with open arms and treated the boys like kings. There are many similarities between our organizations and we hope they can be our guests soon!

After loading the lunches, lots of chips, juice boxes, slim jims and more, we hit the road ahead of schedule. We did have to make a stop to get the staff some breakfast and COFFEE! Finally, we hit the road and set the cruise control to surf upon the amber waves of grain across Kansas.

We hit a rest stop for a quick break, but were back on the road in not time. The boys got to choose a movie to watch. Their choices were: Nacho Libre, How to Train Your Dragon, Nacho Libre, Happy Feet, Percy Jackson, or Nacho Libre. To much relief, they did not choose Nacho Libre (one of Stewart’s faves). They choose Percy Jackson! For the next hour and a half the bus was calm with a  quiet murmur as they enjoyed the entertainment.


We stopped for lunch at another rest stop and enjoyed the goodies from the KCBC. It was a bit windy so there was some dashing and diving to save their wrappers and things from blowing away. They boys are doing an outstanding job of remember napkins on their laps, by the way. They are making Tristan, Camden and Stewart proud!


Back on the bus we went and down for rest period. For those of you who don’t know, the boys have a rest period every day on tour so they can be well-rested when we arrive at a destination. They are able to listen to their music through their headphones, but their eyes are to be closed. That certainly wasn’t an issue today. After about two hours we woke the boys for another rest stop and were now just short 35 miles to Woodland Park. We could see the mountains in the distance.


We arrived early for our stop at Mountain View Methodist Church in Woodland, Colorado. Charlie kept the bus cruising down the interstate to get us to the church on time. Tristan S. and Luke met our contact and learned all what needed to be done to prepare for our concert. The Head Chorister and Assistant Head Chorister always go into the venue with me to find out if we need risers, a keyboard, where the dressing room and bathrooms are and other important information they need to convey to the other choirboys. They then return to the bus and instruct the choirboys on what they need to do. Then, things move into action!


We had a little time before dinner to work on a few logistics and some spots in our music that need some attention. After that, we were off to the social hall for sloppy joes, french fries, vegetables and lemonade. With full tummies, we return to the church for some additional rehearsal before we changed for the concert.


Our audience was very receptive. After singing Psalm 8, one of our favorites, you could hear the gasps from the audience. After the final chord, they erupted into applause! We continued on with the program as the audience continued to be awe-struck by the sounds of the choir. The was one young gentlemen in the audience. We chatted a-bit and then he was invited to director the choir for one of their songs. Alec did a wonderful job!

One audience member approached me and said she was so impressed at how focused the boys are when they are performing. Others were very impressed the LOLCB teaches more than just music. We had several relatives present this evening so it was nice to see the boys connect with people from their families.

Following the concert, the boys were treated to ice cream and cookies. They were then introduced to their host families and off they went. Tomorrow we have a day of hiking and sight-seeing. Here’s hoping they get some rest tonight so we can enjoy our time together tomorrow.

We are very thankful to those of you who are commented on here for the boys. They appreciate your support and knowing they have a fan club following their blog. Keep spreading the word!


For you fans of the Jake and Sam Vlog series. Here is the newest episode. Riveting, I tell you!

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