This morning the boys woke-up ready to go. Lots of energy!

For breakfast, the boys had homemade caramel rolls and cereal. When it comes to food, we have it good. The volunteers in the Kitchen are phenomenal, working very long days in a hot kitchen to provide first-rate nutrition for your boys. I know I speak for the entire staff when I say that one of the highlights of this week is the great food we get to enjoy during the week.

(K…time to move inside. Getting destroyed by mosquitos…)

Following breakfast, the boys had their first music session then had a little time to clean-up their cabins and take their swim tests. We like to get those taken right away on the first day for logistical reasons. Doesn’t take real long, just a few minutes of swimming and treading water. Most of the boys that wanted to take it, passed. After a little more free time, it was back in the music sessions for an hour before lunch. I’m not sure what they did in their today musically, but they were all smiling when I came back to get them for lunch, so take that for what it’s worth!



Lunch was hot dogs and tater tots. As you can imagine, 8-14 year-old Choirboys devoured a mountain of tots and about 2 bus lengths of hot dogs. A short rest period awaited our boys before it was back in the lake around 2:00 for some “Mandatory Fun”. It looked like there were about 6-8 canoes and paddle boats around the bay and quite a few fish were snagged. (I think this is going to be a good year for fishing…). Most of the boys swam out to the raft for some jostling and tussling. A few scrapes and little bumps, as boys are known to do, but nothing of note to report in the injury department. Lots and lots of smiles in the fun department.



Counselors get them for about an hour after swimming to start working on their skits. Then it’s back to the music room for a spell before they head back out to the free time. I used the pre-dinner activity time to take a little Facebook Live tour of the camp. You can view this on the parent Facebook page as well. I’ll try and recruit some commentators the next few days to do that again. It seemed to go over well.

Dinner was a big old feed of spaghetti, meatballs, breadsticks and SALAD! Guess what they ate the least of? 😊

The evening rain we thought was going to force us inside never came and we’ve had a fantastic time. The timing of the raindrops today has been fortuitous overall. The boys are currently squeezing every ounce of energy they have left into a rousing game of Capture the Flag in the field right next to me. I should probably get back to them so I’ll have to leave it here until next time.

Thanks for allowing your boys to be a part of this program. I promise you’ll think it was one of the best decisions you ever made for him.


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