Good evening, all you avid followers of the LOLCB! We are so happy you are following our journey during these next several days. The boys love hearing your comments and finding out how many shares and views they are getting!

Today was a GREAT day! The drive was a pretty typical one for our travelers and who doesn’t love having ice cream for breakfast? Unfortunately, all the preparation our head chorister, Tristan, was doing to inhale the great Goliath at the Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor was for naught. The worker at the parlor said they had to discontinue it because too many people were getting sick. WHAT???? So, the boys each inhaled their ice cream and cones (some even wore a bit on their face and nose), we did a little shopping and were back on the bus to travel toward Kansas City.

Archie S. was our Officer of the Day. This honorary officer position gives boys the chance to set the tone for the day. Archie offered a weather report, gave us the word(s) of the day: Code Red, and some words of wisdom, “don’t talk so much so we don’t have code red.” He then selected the song of the day, “Generations” by The Who.

Luke offered the Joke of the Day – What do you call an alligator with GPS? A Navi-gator. In addition to this wonderful moment each day, alum, Chris Hess, sends the boys a voice message where he asks a trivia question. The boys then get a chance to guess the answer. It was something Chris had been doing when he was a choirboy. It’s great to have an alum staying so connected to tour. Other alums are welcome to send any kind of note to the boys. You can email us at

After more code green we continued our journey crossing into the State of Missouri. We arrived at the Kansas City Boys’ Choir headquarters and met their director Mr. Ah’lee Robinson. The KCBC has really extended some wonderful hospitality. We are very gracious for their work in preparing for the boys to arrive. We spent some time hanging out, watching some YouTube videos of the KCBC and some of our own YouTube videos. Speaking of YouTube videos, here is Jake and Sam’s Vlog post for today…

Dinner was KC BBQ, baked beans, cake and cookies. We then headed to Unity Temple Church to prepare for our concert. Tonight we shared the stage with the wonderful boys of the Kansas City Boys’ Choir.

Following the concert we shared with each other different things about our programs – the similarity and the difference. We are hoping some day soon the KCBC will come visit us in Minnesota. The KCBC are amazing and are very good ambassadors for their program and their community. The LOLCB is proud to share in this friendship.


Lastly, here is our interview with Eddie, another first year tour choirboy.

Tomorrow the boys are up and to the bus by 6:00 a.m. We have a very long drive from KC to Woodland Park, CO (who plans these things). This blogger needs to get to bed so he can get up and be ready in a few hours.


We’d love to hear from you! Post a reply, a note to the boys or post on our Facebook Page.


To be continued…

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  1. Tristan' s mom
    Tristan' s mom says:

    What challenge will the head chourister be required to do in place of the Goliath?
    Nice Vlog Sam and Jake! Fan HERE!


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