Day 10, June 22nd

imageThis morning was an early morning for the boys. Many of them went to bed late last night. Their bedtime was up to their own discretion. Today was scheduled to be a lighter day with the Clearwater Threshers game and a short concert at Savannah Court Assisted Living back in Lakeland.

imageThe good people of Resurrection provided a great breakfast for the boys. We all gathered in a part of the school called the Shiedy Center for the meal. Plates of Krispy Kreme donuts were on each table. Cereal, eggs, biscuits and sausage were served with orange juice, apple juice and milk.

imageWe didn’t have to leave for the Threshers’ game until 9:30am so the bus crew cleaned the bus while the rest of the boys checked their garment bags. Stewart also started the process of selecting Choirboy of the Year. Today was a perfect day for nominations. As you saw on Facebook, Aaron also led the boys in his 7-minute ab workout. Right before we left for the Threshers’ game our young gentlemen started a game of Four Corners.

imageIt took a little over an hour to get the Clearwater. The Clearwater Threshers are a minor league baseball team who play at a stadium called Bright House Park. The boys got there with time to spare. It was a relaxed day at the park. The sun was out, and the boys were sunscreened. At first we all gathered on a “grassy berm”, and then the boys in their red tour shirts spread out amongst the stadium. Some immediately found shade. Others dared to stay out in the sun in hopes to catch a foul ball. Several of them in fact did. Even Cole got a t-shirt shot from a cannon. Donovan and Sam Anderson had their five seconds of fame on the “Smile-Cam”.

imageThe Threshers ended the game with a win against the Lakeland Flying Tigers, and the boys were off to dinner, and a performance.  Back in Lakeland, we found a Cracker Barrel for them (because none of them had ever been there before). They again enjoyed Stewart’s Root Beer, and learned how to conquer the infamous and difficult Triangle Peg Board Game.

Tonight’s performance was one of the sweetest moments of tour. Most of the time the gentlemen sing in church sanctuaries, but tonight they sang in the dining room of a senior assisted living facility. There were a handful of residents there to enjoy the boys’ strong and resonant sound. Everyone smiled, and you could tell they were thoroughly enjoying every musical moment. These ordinary, baseball-loving boys did another extraordinary, soul-touching thing today. The residents of Savannah Court Assisted Living knew that all too well.


Tonight they’re back with their host families, hopefully doing laundry and enjoying another evening with some very loving and generous people.

Tomorrow, they’ll spend time at the Clearwater Aquarium and hopefully meet the real life dolphin “Winter” from the movie “Dolphin Tale”. They’ll also head to Lake City FL to sing for the people of St. James Episcopal Church.


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