Aloha from scenic Timber Bay!

Camp is going wonderfully! I need to tell you how amazing your boys are. So many smiles. So many new friendships being made in the last 24 hours. This is a lot of fun. At this moment, I am sitting on the front porch of the Staff cabin overlooking a fantastic sunset over the lake with the happy laughter of boys echoing through the trees. We have it rough.

Yesterday started out like almost any other year of Camp…. except for Aaron having issues getting the bus running, Camden having a flat tire with the Trailer on the way up, and then subsequently getting pulled over for having a taillight issue. Coincidentally, it was a former Choirboy that pulled him over…and Camden promises to get it fixed. For the most part though, the issues had almost no impact on the boys and most had no idea there were any issues at all, which is just the way we wanted it.

Of course, despite this being my 24th camp, this is the first time I sent a Camper of my own up for the week and naturally I was the parent that forgot and sent my kiddo without supper. SMH. (We got it fixed…).

Once we made it to camp we skedaddled the boys to their cabins and got them situated. Most of the older boys were already deep into week planning and picking their cabin names. With about 7-8 boys per cabin, there is plenty of opportunities for boys that want the top bunk and boys that want the lower bunks. I think everyone got what they wanted.



The first night is usually pretty chill. Corinne shared some photos on the Facebook page about our Welcome/Safety briefing. We use this time to get the boys familiar with the expectations and get the excited for the week to come. It can get a little dry as we essentially tell them all the things they cannot do (in the name of safety…) but we make it work. The boys had a good time and we’re going to have a great week.

This also marked the first time we brought the flame in from the lake to start the camp. Our new Super Director Vance had the honor of bringing in the flame to start our week and kick things off. (Side note: He’s a pretty good dude and he’s going to be a fantastic fit with this organization. On top of it, he doesn’t snore which is great for those of us that share a cabin with him.) Make sure you get the chance to meet him if you haven’t already.

Following a quick snack and introduction to the kitchen staff the boys headed to their cabins to get some showers in and get to bed. I was impressed as I did my rounds at how well-mannered the boys were. This is a great group of youngins’.


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