This morning we blasted off on the 2018 Western Lights Tour! The boys arrived in good spirits with anxiousness and excitement to start their annual tour to share their gifts, grow as young gentlemen and have a great time with their friends.With one last family breakfast the boys finished loading the bus, took a few photos and boarded the fresh smelling (it’s just day 1) bus ready to hit the road to the hometown of our artistic director, LeMars, IA – the Ice Cream Capital of the World – more on that tomorrow.


Stewart started us off with the first talk of the day. Reminding the boys why they are on tour, some of the rules of the bus and how the most important person to keep happy is our amazing bus driver, Charlie! We are forever grateful to have Charlie with us again this year. This is his fourth tour driving the bus, keeping us safe and delivering us from one venue to the next.


The boys were ready for some code green so they could break out their games and start the tour competitions. It is amazing to listen to their detailed description of the game they are playing and even more amazing that the others seem to know exactly what they are talking about. To me it’s like listening to a foreign language!

After some code green, Luke asked for the microphone to address the choirboys. He present the Joke of the Day: How does Moses make tea? Hebrews. He also got some moans and groans for that joke.

Today’s question of the day was, why do you like tour?

Sam G. says because it is fun and you get to sing.

Henry B. says because it’s a great experience and people we meet are able to enjoy our music.

Louis and Cole say it’s because you get to spend a lot of time with friends.

We ran into some wind and rain near St. James, but decided to stop at the Watonwan Rest area to fill our tummies with delicious bag lunches. The boys rehearsed a bit in a picnic shelter area and few passers-by stopped to enjoy the music. After lunch it was time for rest period. As is typical, the first rest period is not very restful. There is just too much excitement about tour! This will change as the days pass. Soon they will be asking when they can sleep!

Throughout the day, Jake and Sam A. began work on their soon to be released, almost daily, video blog or Vlog. Here is the trailer…

We made one more stop before arriving in LeMars. I took the opportunity to interview one of our first-year tour choirboys, Joshua Mlodzik.


Finally, we arrived at St. Joseph Church in LeMars, IA. We arrived early and took advantage of some rehearsal time. The boys enjoyed a dinner of taverns (it’s what they call sloppy joes in Iowa), beans, chips, fruit and a beverage. One of the volunteers, Kim, approached me and commented on how amazingly polite the boys were. She’d never heard so many “please’s” and “thank you’s”! Way to go gentlemen.

The boys really sounded nice in an acoustically friendly space. I heard many comments throughout the concert about how amazingly beautiful they sounded. The crowd was impressed enough to offer a standing ovation at the conclusion of the program. BRAVO!


Tomorrow it is ice cream for breakfast!!!

Have a wonderful evening! We will chat again tomorrow.


To be continued…




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  1. Michelle Miller Penniman
    Michelle Miller Penniman says:

    Really incredible music and story behind the leadership and training of gentlemen!!
    It was nice to see my cousin’s son Eddie Truwe


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