“Canadian Cows”, Day 2, June 13th

What a full and fun day!

We have six “first year” boys who experienced their first home stay last night.  Although some of them were apprehensive about their hosts, they came back to the bus this morning with smiles and hugs.  The weather may have been overcast and rainy, but their hearts were sunny and full of love.



One of those boys is Henry Boese.  He had a great time with his host family.  They lived on a large farm, and Henry and his friends got to tour the whole thing during their stay.

Throughout this blog I’d like to highlight our first year boys.  Henry was the first on my list.  He’s from Elk River, and joined the choir because of his church.  He’s 9 years old, but turns to double digits in just a few days.  He’s excited to celebrate his birthday on tour.  I thought I’d ask Henry a couple questions so we could get to know him a bit…



  • What do you want to be when you grew up? “A lawyer or orthodontist”.
  • If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? “Give off wishes; it’d be fun to grant people’s wishes.”
  • What are the 5 best things about being you? “I have a sister.  I get to go on a cool trip. I still have a higher voice. I play tennis very well. I have a mom, a dad, and a sister that love me”.
  • If you had three wishes, what would they be? “Infinity wishes. World peace. Stop world hunger.”
  • If you could time-travel, where and when would you go? “I’d travel to the year 1,000,000, and go around the world”.

Thanks, Henry, for telling us about yourself.  We look forward to meeting the other boys in the “first year” class.

Today was the day the boys crossed over the Canadian border into Manitoba.  Before entering Canada they had a lesson in filling out declaration forms.  There were no issues except when Jake Bakke was taken aside by the staff.  Aaron told Jake there was an issue with his passport, and he was very concerned. Jake was told he needed to stay at the border with another staff member while his parents drove all the way up to come pick him up.  After letting the situation set in, Jake was escorted back in the bus by Aaron and the staff.  The Border Service hadn’t come out yet, so they decided to stay in the bus until further notice.  Wondering if this was truly his fate for the rest of tour, Jake turned to Aaron and asked “Are you serious?”.  That’s when Aaron came back with a chuckle, “No. We’re not”.  They pranked him, and they pranked him good!  There was no issue at the border, and Jake was able to continue with us.  He was a great sport about it.

It was windy today, up here in the land of the Canucks.  The drive to Winnipeg was a bit wobbly but Charlie kept us safe on the road.  The boys weren’t bothered at all; they were in high-spirits for the whole drive. They quickly found out about Canada’s wildlife.  A young moose crossed the road while we were traveling.  It’s a rare thing to see a moose in MN, but not so rare in Canada.  They also saw herd of what they called “Canadian Cows”.  They were so excited, never had they seen cows in Canada.  😉  We convinced them that’s where canadian bacon comes from.

We visited the Royal Canadian Mint today.  The boys enjoyed the interactive displays, especially the 28-pound gold bar they all tried to lift.  The olympic medals from 2010 were also on display, along with a light-up panel that told patrons where the millions of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint go throughout the world: Australia, Thailand, Colombia, the United States and more. The boys learned more about the production and circulation of the coins when Melody came by to give them a tour of the factory.

The day was topped off by a fun-filled dinner and a friendly concert with the Winnipeg Boys Choir.  Dinner was fresh, colorful, and delicious.  The choir and their families were a joyous, delightful crowd, and the boys made quick friends.


For tonight’s performance, the talented gentlemen of the WBC performed a few of their own songs, and then LOLCB took stage in the richly resonant sanctuary of Crescent Fort Rouge United Church of Christ.  In every seat you could hear the boys fill the rafters.  Camden mentioned how some people just heard the boys from the street, and decided to come inside to hear more.  Everyone who attended heard a great show. The most entertaining part was the Q&A section again.  There were some really good questions tonight and one in particular got a tons of laughs: “how has manners and etiquette you’ve learned affected your relationship with the “ladies”?

Like I said in the beginning of this blog, the day was full and fun.  The boys enjoyed their introductory trip into Canada, and the Winnipeg Boys Choir and the generous people of Crescent Fort Rouge gave us a wonderful evening!  Thank you and good night.


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